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My wish for my birthday

Yes, today is my birthday! This is the last year of my 40s, I'm considering MANY options for how to celebrate the big five-oh. Thankfully that's a year away.

I've asked for world peace for my birthday in the past, but that hasn't panned out so good. So this year I'm going to keep it closer to home. I have two wishes for my birthday:

1. I would love for you to make a donation to Walk MS NYC, which I'm doing on 4/30. I set my goal at an ambitious $2700 and have raised just over half of that. Wouldn't it be thrilling to surpass my goal? Click on the pink and orange box on the right panel of my home page, that will bring you to the page where you can make a donation.


2. Please subscribe to my website, if you haven't already. Type your email address in the box under the Walk MS box on my home page.

And if you've already done both those things, well bully for you!

Here's a favorite birthday photo, taken on 4/18/11, when I celebrated my birthday with Paul Stoller and Annie Tennant in their darling Brooklyn flat. I don't know why this picture is coming across sideways, but it's still cute, right?

LOVE, Chris

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