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Diva / Mensch pair for 4/5/17

You know that every Wednesday we have a new Diva / Mensch pair - - but did you know that the first Wednesday of the month, the pair is suggested by one of my beloved readers? My first reader submission comes all the way from Sydney, Australia. My darling Paul Stoller suggested Laverne and Shirley!

Paul is the lucky winner of a Divamensch-themed CD, composed of tracks chosen by yours truly. The CD starts with songs that start with a word that spells out Divamensch:

"Da doo run run," The Crystals

"I don't know if it's right", Evelyn "Champagne" King

"Venus," Bananarama

"Anna," The Beatles

Et cetera. And then it goes on to spell out Divamensch using the first name of the recording artist or band:

Dionne Warwick, "Up up and away"

Isaac Hayes, "Theme from *Shaft*" (Shut your mouth!)

Vicki Lawrence, "The night the lights went out in Georgia"