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London: trip home, Sat Aug 20

Thankfully we both slept well and got out of the room and checked out of the hotel without any trouble. Our cab was early and though we had been assured that we could pay with a credit card, our driver told us we needed to pay cash. I didn’t have any English pounds left so I made up my own exchange rate and paid him in US dollars. He seemed happy with that. Whatever.


We got through security and everything else in about 20 minutes. We had breakfast at a somewhat upscale Gordon Ramsay restaurant called Plane Food. Cute, right? Richard had scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. I had the full on English breakfast: grilled tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, beans, scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, and toast. Oh dear Lord it was delicious.











































We dawdled there as long as we felt we could. We moved to a seating area and dawdled some more. We finally went to our gate, got on the plane, and flew back home. After weeks of seeing bits on the news about thousands of flights being delayed or canceled, it was a relief that both of our flights happened without any drama.


I watched the the remaining 6.5 episodes of *And Just Like That…* I wasn’t entirely satisfied with it but it certainly was diverting for a few hours. I thought it was very classy how they handled the absence of Samantha, and that they gave her a little absent cameo now and then.


Landing and leaving the airport was more breezy than ever - - we didn’t have to fill out that dippy little form saying how much money you spent, how many mince pies you were bringing home, etc. Just a quick check in with the guy in the booth and we were in an Uber and heading home.

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