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London: Trip Home, Tuesday 4/2/19

We got up at about 5:45, had a quick shower, and checked out of the hotel. Craig had ordered us a car, which only cost 25 pounds. He got us to Paddington in a jiffy, we got back on the Heathrow Express, got through security with no hassle, and went to The Gorgeous Kitchen for breakfast. Richard got the English breakfast, which was two fried eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, a grilled tomato, and baked beans.






















I thought I’d be somewhat virtuous and have the vegan hash, which was a slice of portobello mushroom, a few slices of avocado, and some sort of polenta or similar for the “hash.” It came and I had an extreme case of Peggy Lee - - I looked at it and said, “Is that all there is?”




























But it was delicious and surprisingly filling. Plus I supplemented it with a croissant. And butter. And jam.

Best of all, there was no drama with our flight!

















We left when we were scheduled to leave, which shouldn’t feel like a treat, but it was. We watched *The Green Book,* which I liked much more than I expected. Richard watched *Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery* while I used his Samsung tablet to type up this travelogue. 

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