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London: Day Two, Saturday 3/30/19

We woke up early and were down in the restaurant in the hotel for breakfast around 7:00. Richard had yogurt and berry compote, I had scrambled eggs, sausage, baked beans, and a slice of toast, a typical English breakfast. We both had coffee.

We lazed around our room for a while and then took the train to the Tate Modern, where we were meeting our friends Mark and Claire and their eight-year-old son Harry for lunch. We went to a cute al fresco restaurant down the street.























Richard had a portobello mushroom burger and I had the macaroni and cheese, which had cauliflower baked into it, delicious. Claire and I talked about horror movies - - she was particular interested in hearing more about *The House That Jack Built,* the Lars von Trier bit of sadism that made my Top Five last year. Harry asked us to contribute to a page on outlining a film in his activity book. Richard wrote that he was going to play Rick, a security guard. I wrote that I was going to play the head of the Burp Police (Harry is into burping), who arrives on the scene only to realize that the burping was coming from next door.

We walked through a food market. It was a good thing I’d just had lunch, because everything smelled delicious (I’m a sucker for the smell of fried food and sausage). I bought a gift for my mother for Mother’s Day. We said goodbye to Mark, Claire, and Harry and hoped that we’d see them in New York sometime soon.





















We hung out at the hotel a while. There’s a lot of great crappy TV in England. Richard was in the mood for sushi, so we asked at the desk and they directed us to a place down the street. You’d think it would be easy to find, it was about a five-minute walk from the hotel, but the location was, shall we say evasive? Every turn we took seemed to be almost right, but not any closer to our destination. We finally resorted to using the map feature on our cell phones.
The place was called Nanashi, and it was delicious. We sat in the window and our server took a couple cute pictures of us:




















We had vegetable sushi, salmon and avocado sushi, and vegetable tempura. Richard had an English sake (I think our server said it’s the only sake made in England?) and I had a bottle of Sapporo. We went home ad again, fell right asleep.

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