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Italy: Trip Home, Sat 3/31/18 (Milan to Newark)

Isn't it funny how a trip feels so long and limitless when you start it, but then you turn around and it's over?  Actually it's not funny at all.


We woke up at about 5:30 AM on Saturday and had a leisurely morning in our posh hotel room.  Unfortunately the breakfast room didn't open until 7, and our car was coming just before 7, so we had breakfast at the airport.  At McDonald's, would you believe!  I had some sort of McMuffin.  It had been years, and I was surprised how much I liked it.  Or maybe we're back at that concept of breakfast being the most delicious meal of the day (because you're so hungry).


That morning is a blur of waiting in lines - - security, immigration, more security, duty-free, yadda yadda.  We got on the plane and realized that we had paid a little extra to have roomier seats.  THAT was a real treat, I might be doing that again.  But I'm still wary of first class.  I've never sat in first class and am worried that I would really love it and never want to go back to coach.


Here's a cute picture of our feet (my zig zag socks are hand-me-downs from my darling, dapper friend Dennis):




























Enjoy every moment, indeed.  I watched three movies - - Richard and I watched *All the Money in the World* together, with Michelle Williams, Mark Wahlberg, and Christopher Plummer (in the Kevin Spacey role).  I didn't know the real story, so I didn't know how it would turn out, it was exciting.  I watched *Wonderstruck,* the Todd Haynes movie that came out this fall.  I had meant to see it but never got around to it.  Now, having seen it, I'm glad I didn't see it in the theater.  It was sweet and somewhat interesting, but not really worth a big effort.  And I watched *The Square,* a surreal Swedish movie about the contemporary art scene.  It started off being wacky and funny, but ended being neither.  I'm not sure I liked it, but I'm definitely glad I saw it.  How's that for a mixed message.


Let's close with a photo of us in the car going home.  I look a little droopy, Richard is making more of an effort.  Bless his heart.
































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