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[NOTE: This review was written in January 2021 as part of my 2010-2019 decade-in-review post.]

Karen, Jere, Dale, and I saw *Einstein on the Beach* at BAM in September of 2012. It’s an abstract opera by Philip Glass from 1976. The original production was directed by Robert Wilson with choreography by Lucinda Childs and I don’t think any of them would disagree with my describing Wilson and Childs as co-creators rather than interpreters.

The opera is notorious for a number of reasons. First, it’s four and a half hour long with no break. The audience is encouraged to get up and move around, which adds to the 1970s “happening” vibe of the experience. There’s no plot, though there are recognizable moments in the show - - Einstein appears onstage playing the violin and one scene features the lead actor imitating Patty Hearst in her “Tania as Bank Robber” mode.

I never imagined that I’d get to see a production of *E on the B,* it was such a thrill, I looked forward to it for many months leading up to the show and floated on a cloud for a few weeks after it. God bless BAM for putting it on.

















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