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Richard and I saw this Charles Mee play off Broadway at the Signature Theatre on 2/28.  It was another Concert Choir reunion - - my old friend Nate Stampley was in the show.  He’s done *The Lion King* and *Porgy and Bess* on Broadway, and I was looking forward to seeing him in play.  What a shame the play was such a piece of crap.  The director tried to distract us from the lousy writing by giving us broken dishes, full frontal nudity, actors repeatedly throwing themselves to the floor, three brides singing “You don’t own me”, actors jumping on a trampoline (one at a time, thankfully), lots of loud music and loud noises, a shower head spraying blood, and since it’s not enough to have a woman cutting off a man’s pinga, she then took this pinga and put it in a blender.  These are not the ingredients that blend together to make a rewarding theatrical experience.  But it cost $25, we had nothing else to do, and we got to hear Nate sing the serenade from *Don Giovanni*.  So what do I have to complain about.


LOVE, Chris

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