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Montreal - - Day Four, Sun 3/29/15


Our last day!



Locale: the hotel lobby.


Our meal: Richard had scrambled eggs, served in the cutest little Le Creuset-style casserole, with a lid and everything.  Also bacon, ham, toast, fruit, and chicken sausage.  I had crepes with Nutella, bananas, and powdered sugar.  Coffee for both.


Topic of conversation: our next trip!  We're headed to Asbury Park for a long weekend sometime this summer, also Richard is going to a trade show in Orlando in May/June, followed by a bar mitzvah in Los Angeles - - at that same moment I'll be in Arkansas visiting my Aunt Karen, Uncle Ken, cousin Heidi and her husband Bart.  My mom will also be there, and her little dog too.  And I'm going on a cruise down the Danube with my mother in October, and Richard and I are going to Sydney in January.  So much to look forward to!


Back up to our room - - we packed, watched another stupid game show, and most of an episode of The Face, the UK/Ireland edition.  Just as idiotic as in the US.  We checked out of the hotel, took a cab to the airport, and went whoosh through security and immigration.



Locale: Houston Bar and Grill, in the airport.


Our meal: Richard had the salmon salade nicoise, I had the camembert salad.


Topic of conversation: who the hell cares already?


Richard got a call from his Aunt Kathy.  Always a treat to hear him laughing really hard.  We took a quick detour through duty free where we spent some of our Canadian cash on cookies and other crap.  We got to our gate and amused ourselves with a running commentary about the other people in the airport lounge.  Most notable: the winner of the Bilbo Baggins look-alike contest.

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