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John, David, Richard and I saw this play at the Mint Theater on 3/11.  The four of us have seen nearly all of their shows for the last three or four years, I think we missed one show.  They do forgotten plays from the early 20th century, often by playwrights you might have heard of, but the plays haven't been done in a very long time.


*Women Without Men* is a play from 1938 by Irish playwright Hazel Ellis.  This was the first time the play had been performed in the US.  It needs to be done much more often, it was very strong and well made.  It's perfect for a college: it has an all-female cast with a nice variety of roles and has just one set.  As always, with the Mint, the production was handsome and all of the actors were talented and understood the tone of the play.  That's the thing I love the most about the Mint: they understand the style of these old plays, and respect that style and present it in a straightforward and warm manner.

They used to be in a lovely little third floor theater on 43rd Street off of 8th Avenue, but they've been priced out of that space and are now on the move.  *Women Without Men* was done at a sweet little theater in the basement of City Center, and their next production, *A Day By the Sea*, will be done on Theatre Row, on 42nd Street west of 9th Avenue.  We will follow them wherever they go!


LOVE, Chris

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