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Karen, Bruce, and I saw this production by The Elevator Repair Service at the Public Theater on 6/13.  Karen and I saw their production *Gatz* a few years ago, which will clearly make my top ten list of theatrical experiences for this decade.  It was absolute genius - - a staging of *The Great Gatsby*, every word of the book spoken and/or dramatized onstage, in such an imaginative, engaging, unique way.  I wish I had written about it at the time, it was one of the greatest things I've ever seen.  Karen and I heard they were doing a staging of the first chapter of William Faulkner's *The Sound and the Fury*, and we knew we had to be there.

I’m pretty sure I liked it.  There were moments of brilliance, a few touching moments, some classic Elevator Repair Company bits of staging (their use of lighting as part of the storytelling is beyond belief), and it's always thrilling to see a group of talented actors going full strength with material that they love.  But the whole thing didn't quite hold together for me.  The source material is so much more challenging and experimental than *The Great Gatsby*, that was part of the problem.  It was a little bit too much hard work.  I suppose I enjoyed it and I'm glad I saw it, but hm.

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