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Richard and I saw *The Humans* on Broadway on 8/20.  It won the Tony for Best Play and we had many friends who saw it and raved about it.  The shocker was that neither of us liked it very much.  It wasn't really a matter of taste - - we just didn't think it was very good.  It felt like a mediocre TV movie.


It's the story of a young woman's mother, father, sister, and demented grandmother coming from Scranton PA to her new apartment in Chinatown, where she and her boyfriend are making Thanksgiving dinner.  I kept waiting for a big blow-out fight, it felt like it was brewing and would have given us some much-needed excitement.  Sad that I was looking forward to family drama, but isn't that what you come to expect in a family drama?

Two of the actors won Tonys: Jayne Houdyshell won Best Featured Actress in a Play as the mother and Reed Birney won Best Featured Actor in a Play as the father.  Both were very strong and rose above the quality of the material.  In some ways playwright Stephen Karam knows what he's doing - - we were never bored, but neither were we thrilled.  I hope his next play is better.

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