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Project Runway All Stars season 2

PR AS 2, Episode 1


I think I’m suffering from PRFS - - Project Runway Fatigue Syndrome.  It just doesn’t excite me the way it used to.  I would take medication for it, but it gives me drymouth.


This season doesn’t quite feel like it’s deserving of the term “All Stars”.  Most of these people are not so starry.  But it is fun to see them all again, and heck, it’s only 60 minutes, as opposed to 90.  I love that, it makes for a denser show, and I get to bed earlier.


Josh and Emilio have both chubbed out a bit since they were first on the show - - Emilio has a little jiggle in his walk (he’s past an A cup, to be sure) and Josh, to use Richard’s peerless phrase, has blown up like a tick.  I love Andrae describing Wendy as “a Disney villainess”.  And Ivy, who would guess she had feelings?


Carolyn Murphy is one of those models who’s gorgeous in a photo, but not so attractive when she moves around and speaks.  Her features are a little off, I think maybe the mouth is a little too close to the nose.  Or something.  But she seems to be doing a good job, is less wooden than La Lindvall.  Of course neither of them can compare to the divine Heidi!


What on earth was Mondo wearing.  Was it a hostess lounging pyjama, from the Austin Scarlett Collection?  All he needed was a pair of marabou mules to complete the look.  Maybe also a pink tufted chaise lounge and some Mantovanni playing on the turntable.  Shalimar hanging in the air.



Notice how the judges weren’t wild for any of the top three?  They had major issues with all three of the top designs, and basically chose the one that bothered them the least.  Is this a sign of things to come?  I would have given the win to Casanova.  Not a dazzling design, but the strongest of the top three.  Ivy’s jacket was fascinating and well made, but the lace insets would work better in a color closer to the jacket fabric.  The white jacket and the black lace, it looked like there were big chunks torn out of her body.  I know she was sort of restricted to the black and white color story, but then maybe this wasn’t the right design for the challenge.  The shorts didn’t bother me.  Anthony Ryan’s outfit was sort of Two Faces of Eve for me - - the front was mild-mannered secketerry, the back was hooker in Shanghai.  And yes, the crotch in the pants was unfortunate.  Plus, as the revered Joanna Coles would say, how do you wear a bra with it?



I might have bypassed the top three and given the win to Emilio!  Sort of hoochie mama with the boobs shoved up like that, but a beautifully executed dress and very high fashion.  Uli’s dress was just plain weird.  Wendy’s had lace coming out of the coochie snorcher, and is that what we want?  Kayne gown was way too dragadelic - - Varla Jean Merman in *Kiss of the Spider Woman*.  It was not good.  He was lucky to escape the bottom three, big crisis of taste.



Suede’s dress was very *Pretty in Pink*.  Dated, and a yawn.  Andrae clearly was trying for something inventive.  Very peculiar design, it’s a little worrisome that he didn’t see what a misfire that was, or didn’t have the ability to fix it.  My dear friend Frank’s prediction was realized, and adorable Peach was sent home.  Yes, her dress was reeking of blah, but sent herself home by saying “I’m a tennis wear designer” and “I haven’t used these fabrics since I was in fourth grade.”  I know I say this all the time, but have these people never seen this show before?  Do they not realize that the best defense is to say, “Thank you for the suggestions, I will definitely keep that in mind going forward.”


PR AS 2, Episode 5


Hello my long-lost darlings.  Sorry I’ve been asleep at the wheel, but I was on my honeymoon!  Richard and I left on Fri 11/2 for a week in London followed by a week in Paris, with a day trip to Amsterdam in between.  It was nothing short of heavenly, it really couldn’t have been more fun, more romantic, or more delightful.  It was hard to come home.


Something I forgot to say in my first post - - NO IMMUNITY!  Can you believe it?  That’s a huge curve ball.


I did some exploring on the PR AS 2 website before I left, read the questionnaires from the designers.  Here are some highlights.



Q: What goes through your head when you see yourself on television?

A: I always think, “I bet he’s marvelous at a dinner party.”


Anthony Ryan

Q: What makes you “All Star” material?
A: To me, an “All Star” should strive to change other people’s lives, not just his own.



Q: How do you choose what to pack for “All Stars”?
A: I made sure this time not to pack any Dolce e Gabbana in my luggage.


Richard and I were eager to see the two episodes we missed while we were away, we watched them online when we got back.  Not a lot to report.  The spray paint challenge was interesting, I have to say they’re coming up with some great ideas for challenges.  And as much as I loved Andrae going into this season, he’s a big pain in the butt, isn’t he?  His act gets real old real quick.  And he doesn’t have the talent to back it up.  One quick word about Wendy Pepper: bringing her back was a jump-the-shark moment, and she was the shark.


OK, let’s forge ahead to this week’s episode!  There was a song going through my head when the designers went to Mood:


I got plenty of ugly

And ugly’s plenty for me


I was impressed at how accomplished the designers were with menswear.  They always moan and gripe when they get a menswear challenge, but I have to say they seemed to know what they were doing in terms of construction (if not always in terms of design).  Uli’s comment about “not having much ball room” in her pants was one for the ages.  She should give those pants to Anthony Ryan, he doesn’t need as much ball room as most gentlemen.



Uli’s looks were sexy as hell, very post apocalyptic rock star.  Not really her thing, but still recognizable as Uli.  No one can say she’s not versatile.  I thought Anthony Ryan’s looks did the best job of straddling the divide between avant garde and wearable.  Emilio knocked the ball (ahem) out of the park, his two looks were POW.  Beautifully executed, and as one of the judges said, you couldn’t tell who was the girl and who was the boy.  They both looked totally hot.



Jason’s man needed to ditch the handbag.  And I would have put Althea in the bottom three instead of Casanova.  Her outfits looked like they came out of Spiegel catalog, circa 1989.  Not in a good way.



Casanova did good work, but it didn’t really deliver for the challenge.  What on earth was Kayne thinking.  The man’s outfit, with some tweaking, could have been fabulous.  The woman’s outfit was horrific.  But I think Laura Kathleen’s outfits were the bigger failure, they were wan and sloppy and unfulfilling.  But they’re keeping her on because she’s Queen Bitch.


Missing a couple of weeks made me realize that I’m still experiencing a bit of PRFS (PR Fatigue Syndrome).   I hope they take some time off before PR AS season 3, though I have a feeling Christopher Palu is sharpening his fangs as we speak.


PRAS 2, Episode 6


Richard saw a poster the other day for Project Runway season 11!  The first episode is Thursday 1/24.  It appears we’ll have maybe only on week of rest between PRAS 2 and PR 11.  Hopefully a fresh dose of Tim Gunn will put some wind in my sails and banish this dread PRFS (PR Fatigue Syndrome).


Ivy is so sweet this season!  I guess she really did have a bug up her butt in her previous season.  Love the Highline - - have you been there?  It’s spectacular, one of the most extraordinary places in a city of extraordinary places.  One other question before we get to the runway: what was with that porny tank top that Joshua had on?  I can’t support that.


Diane von Furstenberg - - is she the greatest thing ever?  I adore her, she is such a delight.  Though hasn’t she worn that dress on the show before?  Does she not have an assistant who keeps track of these things?  Um, does she WANT one?  Her monologue about the pajama palazzo was so adorable, I had to transcribe it.  The most charming run-on sentence ever.


“Alright, I tell you - - when I was 20 a long, long time ago and I was engaged in Rome with a wonderful good-looking prince, he would take me to this Via Veneto couturier and they had invented this thing called pajama palazzo, and THIS is a pajama palazzo, and it is elegant and you just super confident and you have a palazzo and if you don't have it you pretend you have it, and it's really well done!”



Of course Laura Kathleen had to win with that pajama palazzo.  I thought she was taking a big risk making pants, but sometimes those risks pay off.  It was touching how coo coo she was for DvF.  I don’t know why they were so wild for Uli’s dress, I thought those feathers were dragadelic.  And the dress didn’t seem to really jive with itself.  I thought Anthony Ryan’s dress was nice, but a little too voluminous.  It wasn’t helped by the panty-viewing.



I was CRAZY for Casanova’s dress!  So pow, so beautifully made.  I was surprised he wasn’t in the top three, and ya know, I think I would have given him the win.  Loved it, and a lovely use of the print - - that dress had verve.  Joshua’s dress was good but not all that.



Emilio’s gown was gorgeous but not properly finished.  I don’t think the judges should have been so harsh with him.  Ivy’s dress was puckered and not a success, but the fabric didn’t really look THAT bad (I thought Isaac went a little too far in his critique).  And I don’t remember which judge said it, but the idea of her dress was good, it’s the execution that was the problem (though I didn’t care for the extra panel hanging off the side).


Althea - - remember how she was tired of being in the middle?  Well, be careful what you wish for.  I knew as soon as she chose that fabric that she’d be going home.  That was some ugly fabric, and what she did with it accentuated its ugliness.  Anyone wearing that dress on the red carpet would be the Fash-hole on *Fashion Police* that week.


PRAS 2, episode 7


We’re down at the South Street Seaport and Joshua is wearing another porny tank top.  All is right with the world.  And oh, that moment with Joshua pulling out the Happy Hanukkah banner, was that the funniest thing this season?


The unconventional materials challenge (I don’t like people calling it “the unconventional challenge”, that’s not enough information for me) is always a treat.  I thought they should have given it an All Stars twist and not allowed you to use muslin as a base.  THAT would be a challenge.


I have one thing to say about La La Anthony - - who the heck is she?  And why is she needed as a judge when you have Kylie Freakin’ Minogue?  Love her!  One of these days I need to listen to some of her songs.



Laura Kathleen’s dress was very pretty but shapeless.  No excuse for that - - Uli and Anthony Ryan both used stiffer materials and their dresses were shapely.  I thought it was a toss-up over whether Uli or Anthony Ryan did the better job.  Both were beautiful.  I liked Anthony Ryan’s more, his wasn’t as stiff - - but I thought Uli was deserving.


It seems pretty clear that Anthony Ryan and Uli will be in the final three.  They both have two wins, and two turns at second place.  Anthony Ryan has a slight edge on Uli because he was third from the top twice.  And neither of them has been in the bottom three.  The question is: who will be third?  I think Joshua will be sent home soon.  Ivy hasn’t been so killer this season.  I guess it’ll be Emilio or Laura Kathleen.



Ivy’s dress looked like it came out of a department store.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  I loved how Anthony Ryan described her style as appealing to a “40-to-Death demographic.”  Joshua’s top was gorgeous, but those shorts were horrid.


I knew Casanova was going to go home, and was astonished that the judges were IMPRESSED that he was able to throw together a third look.  Usually they say, “You should have one good idea and know how to make it.”  Clearly that’s what Uli and Anthony Ryan did.


Uli’s prize, the watch - - I almost broke out into “Is that all there is?”  It looked like a Timex.


PRAS 2, episode 8


Breaking news from my dear friend Frank:


Darling little Zac Posen will replace the irreplaceable Michael Kors for season 11.  “Scheduling differences” - - have we heard that line before?  Please choose the real reason:


  1. Trip to Betty Ford.

  2. Tanning bed incident.

  3. Contract dispute.

  4. Just so tired of it all.


La Kors will allegedly be back as guest judge for the finale.


This episode was a little lackluster, no?  I usually write a half-page of notes, and this time I wrote one freaking word: Swatch!  The highlight of the ep was that brief shot of Swatch lying on the sidewalk.  He is the cutest pooch.  But I’ll do my best to come up with some insightful and/or amusing observations.


I love this head-to-head business.  It’s just a few years they’ve been doing it, and it really puts things in a sharp focus.  Looks like my prediction of Anthony Ryan, Uli, and Emilio is right on target.  I’m curious to see whether it’s Ivy or Joshua who is sent home next week.  Or maybe both of them!



I liked Anthony Ryan’s dress best, but still wasn’t wowed by it.  The feather capelet was adorable.  I didn’t care for Uli’s dress, it just didn’t turn my crank.  It would have been better in a color, it just sort of sat there in white.  I don’t know why Emilio was put in the top three - - the judges seemed to both like and not like his dress and Joshua’s dress.  Maybe they flipped a coin to see who would go up and who would go down.  Ahem.  Emilio’s dress was pretty but had no 20s vibe.  Extra points to him for placing the fabric so cleverly, with the color on the top and bottom and the grey bits in the middle.



Joshua’s dress was well made and had a bit of a 20s vibe, but the brooch, the purse, and the shoes!  Oy vey!  I know it’s not Project Stylist, but big misfire for him.  And we all know he will not learn from it.  Ivy’s dress was a total chunk-a-lunk.  Beautiful fabric but the dress was heavy and made the model look thick.  She should have been sent home, though I’m not against Laura Kathleen being sent home, she is a bit of a boil on my backside.  Why on earth was that girl making another palazzo pajama?  What does that have to do with the 20s?  And yes, the fur vest was a bad idea - - - and I LOVE that Frau Weinstein called her out for the camel toe in those trousers.  NOT pretty.


PRAS 2, episode 9


Did you see the commercial for PR 11?  An all-teams season?  Sounds intriguing.  I think it would be high drama if they had a challenge where the team chooses the high and the low, and the judges choose the winner and the auf.  The hair-pulls start on 1/24.


Carolyn was wearing a gorgeous dress at the Elie Tahari atelier, but what was with her teeth.  They were a very particular shade, what Mrs. Vreeland would call greige.


This challenge was a pseudo repeat of a challenge from the last PR AS season, but Richard and I prefer the way they did it before - - last time, the pricer looked at the sketch, talked through the design with the designer, and said, “You can have 3.4 yards of fabric.”  This time the pricer went over everything with the designer and then said, “Yeah, that’ll work.”


Elie Tahari, how cute is he!  Do you think Emilio really knew his whole backstory, or was he reading off a teleprompter?  This episode gave me another opportunity to use my transcription skills - - I couldn’t understand what Elie was saying in his workroom visit with Anthony Ryan, I thought I might understand it better if I wrote it down.


“I think challenge is like, when things are easy, we get to be relaxed and we get lazy.  When you grow up and everything you fight for.  Your rights.  Fight for truth.  And fight for love.  Food.  You appreciate it more.  And when you appreciate it more, the blessing is bigger.  And everything is appreciation.  Every little bit is appreciation.”

Joanna Coles saves the day, "Oh my God I feel moved!"  Gives him a hug.


Anthony Ryan’s boyfriend is so cute, that was a sweet interaction.  I think we’re being led to think that he’s the winner this season.  Richard brought up an interesting point: how telling that Ivy called Casanova, instead of a significant other or family member or something.  I think he’s her muse.  Plus maybe the producers encouraged her to call him.



Again, Anthony Ryan and Uli on the top.  Is this getting a little tiresome?  I didn’t really like Anthony Ryan’s dress - - the neckline, with the arrows pointing at her collarbone, that wasn’t pretty.  And Richard put it perfectly: no woman over 50 will wear a skirt that short (or should), and no woman under 50 can afford $500 for a simple dress.  Uli’s dress had an interesting design, but the fabric looked like a bedspread to me.  And enough with the white already!  Don’t you think you’d have a checklist in your mind - - “Hm, I’ve made white dresses in three challenges, maybe I should give the white a rest for a while.”



I liked Emilio’s dress better than either of the top two dresses.  It was neat and smart and beautifully tailored.  The color was a little limiting, I would have liked to see it in grey with maybe a bright purple trim.  He was smart to ditch the orange, especially since it was Elie who told him to do it.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned the models all season, so let me say that I LOVE his model.  Gorgeous woman.



I can’t believe Ivy was sent home instead of Josh.  Her dress wasn’t great, but Josh’s was a total failure.  I thought she used the fabric effectively, and I liked the shape of the top, it was cute.  She was stupid not to follow Elie’s advice and make it shorter.  Plus she basically put the bulls eye directly on her chest when she said, “Oh, but if a girl buys this dress and decides it’s too long, she can just make it shorter.”  So she thinks a woman is going to spend $500 to $700 on a dress and then take it to a tailor to have it made at the length she wants?  I think she wasn’t sent home because her design was the worst, I think she was sent home because she’s an idiot.


But Josh!  Yick.  I wrote in my notes, “So going home.”  And yet he wasn’t.  There’s no excuse for the two huge biffs in that dress.  The droopy boobies.  And the zipper in the back - - that girl took a dump in the trunk!


PRAS 2, episode 10


Project Runway All Stars - - aka Project Cop Out.  I can’t believe they’re sending four people to the finale.  Up to season 9, they only had four people in the finale once, in season 3.  Then they had four for season 9, three for All Stars season 1, four for season 10, and now four for All Stars season 2.  It’s becoming an alternative, rather than an exception, and I don’t like it!


I can understand that they didn’t want to send Anthony Ryan home, since he’s done such consistently good work this season, but clearly he was the loser this week.  I remember they had a hard time sending Rami home as early as they did in the last All Stars season, but Isaac said in an interview that they really believe in sending home the person who did the worst job in that challenge, and not being influenced by their previous work.  I guess that doesn’t apply leading up to the finale.  One more observation, from Richard: if Josh had done a lousy dress, he would have been sent home.  It’s not fair that Anthony Ryan should get a free pass.


Richard had a Christopher Palu sighting this week!  Remember him, the cute yet petulant 4th place designer from season 10?  He saw him in that dingy subway tunnel that goes from 8th Avenue to 7th Avenue at 42nd Street.  He describes him as 5’ 10”, thin, with majorly spiky hair.


One brief transcribable sentence in this episode: Josh, in one of his segments talking to the camera, said, “They will be wearing the dress at an event they will be going to.”  As opposed to wearing it at an event they WON’T be going to?  I also loved how Uli said her client was going to “vear her dress at a vedding.”


It was a relief that the clients were matched up with the designers, and we didn’t have to live through the humiliation of having the heaviest woman chosen last.



I know this is water under the bridge, but I still wish Joshua had been sent home last week.  Ivy probably would have done something not so marvelous on this challenge, she would have been sent home, and we would have had three people in the finale.  ‘Nuff said.


His dress was so sweet.  But I guess it wasn’t a dress - - Georgina went on about that, I guess it was two pieces.  Very sweet, love the filmy panel on the bottom, and the dyed fabric was a very good idea.  A pretty shape for her, and it neither played up nor covered up her prosthetic.  And Isaac the Mizrahi had a good point about Isaac the Dog: give him something a little more gala.



Such a pretty dress, really the first thing we’ve seen from Uli this season that looks like the Uli of Yore.  She did a whole season of dresses like that, and they were all marvelous.  I agree that the shiny embellishment was a bit much, but it didn’t harm the dress at all.  She made so many wonderful little details: the extra straps, the little pieces of black chiffon in the bodice, and especially piecing the fabric together the way she did.  It was a great dress.



The dress is very sharp at first glance, but there were lots of construction issues.  I didn’t notice the color going off in the top, but I did notice the shabby work in the back.  A sharp little dress like this has to be precisely executed - - his model had a killer body, and the dress showed her off, but it was a little wonky.



I have no idea why Isaac liked this dress, it was so unflattering and mumsy.  He did what his client wanted and kept her boobs covered, but he could have done it in a way that complimented her figure.  I thought it was sweet that the judges were encouraging her to celebrate the body she has, but Anthony Ryan was smart to not design a dress with cleavage - - that would have made her uncomfortable, which would have been an even bigger failure.  I think what she needed was a dress that covered the boobs but outlined them more precisely, especially in between.  That boob tube he made was not good.


On to the finale.


PRAS 2, episode 11


I was so thrilled that the episode started off with the news that Josh was being sent home.  Excuse me, with the news that one of the designers would be sent home.


The trip to Paris was magnifique!  How kind of The House of Valentino (if not Valentino himself) to open their doors to the designers.  Uli’s comment about Santa’s helpers was too cute.  And that pink jacket with the silver embroidery, it was a dream!


What a thrill for them to be at the runway show.  I hope they were workin’ the room.  Someone said something about VIP seating, but to me they appeared to be a little ghetto-ized in their fourth row perch.  Hm.  Maybe VIP stands for Very Impressive Perfume.  You KNOW Josh is wearing Giorgio!


Joanna Coles had the funniest line this episode, calling Uli’s dress “gladiator alligator meets Sicilian widow”.  So on trend.  A few other observations: What was Georgina wearing?  That dress was totally *Priscilla Queen of the Desert*, and not in a good way.  And did you notice that the top two and bottom two did a complete reversal from last week?  Ironic that last week’s winner was this week’s auf.



I wasn’t overly wowed by this when it first walked out, but it grew on me over the course of the critique.  Am I understanding him right - - his model wasn’t wearing no undies?  Scandal!  I guess his dress might have been seen as more haute couture in the sense that it’s more Art and not so much Clothes, when compared to Emilio’s dress.



I was crazy for this dress, I would have given him the win over Anthony Ryan.  It was so sweet how Isaac and Cynthia Rowley went up to the runway to touch the dress.  I remember this happening once before, when Anthony Williams made that dreary blue dress for the circus challenge in season 7 - - Michael Kors asked what the fabric was, Anthony said he didn’t know, Michael went up to the runway, touched the dress, and shuddered with revulsion.  “It’s polyester georgette.”  I think they had to take a break so he could go to the hazmat chamber and be decontaminated.


Anyway, Emilio’s dress was so fabulous.  The pleat at the waist in the back was sublime, and he handled the fabric so beautifully.  I’m so glad he took Joanna’s advice and thought twice about the black appliqués he was going to add - - they definitely would have taken away from the beauty of the design, and might have prompted that dreaded phrase, “student work”.  Emilio might be the winner this season!



That dress could have been stunning, but it didn’t come across.  The lining was a problem, and Isaac was right when he said the overall design of the dress wasn’t impressive or innovative.  Worst of all, she had done a toned-down version of this dress before.



I couldn’t believe it when he chose that fabric!  He was in what looked like the most dreamy fabric store on earth, and he chose a tablecloth from the dollar store.  It really was shocking.  This was not the dollar store challenge!  Georgina hit the nail on the head when she said the idea of the combining the black lace with the colorful floral was a good one, but it was the scale of the floral that didn’t work.  I’m sure there must have been a huge-scale floral in that store.  The fabric he chose was the antithesis of couture.  Maybe Jean-Paul Gaultier could do something with it, but he’d combine it with a Hasidic gentleman who’s into bondage.


I was perplexed - - it was 9:45 and all they had to do was say who was being auf’d.  What could take that long?  And then they announced the final challenge!  Was that exciting, or what?  Cynthia Rowley cracked me up with her expletivic reaction to Uli using the lining as her primary fabric.  It looked chic, can you believe it?  Beautifully draped.  And poor Josh.  His second dress was a big improvement on the first one, but he still had that ugly fabric.  He seemed to be more at ease going home than he was in his other season.


PRAS 2, finale


This season flew by, no?  It’s been fun, thanks for sharing the ride with me.


Let’s talk about the assistants.  I was amazed that Josh said no when Anthony Ryan asked him to be his assistant, I thought that was so hateful and rude.  But Richard had a good point: if Joshua is going to be bitter and useless, Anthony Ryan is better knowing that up front and choosing someone else.  Kayne was a good match for him, he has good skills and seemed to be supportive and helpful.


Althea never looked more gorgeous!  They didn’t really dwell on her and Emilio very much, but he seemed to be happy with her help.  And Uli put together a great collection, but what the HELL was Casanova doing asleep on the couch.  His line about not being in the mood, being on vacation - - maybe he should have pulled a Josh and said no.  I would have chosen Ivy!


How interesting that they weren’t given a specific number of outfits to make.  It appears they each did seven outfits.  Hm.  Did you notice that Matin was billed as a Laura Mercier Ambassador?  Please.  I love that the show is only an hour long, but I miss seeing the model casting process.  And what was that suit Isaac was wearing.  Is he on the road with *Mary Poppins*?  As Richard said, “He’s too fat for that suit.”



I would have given her the win!  I think Anthony Ryan is deserving, but I don’t understand how the judges chose Emilio over her.  Her collection was beautiful, distinctive, cohesive.  Also nothing like the Uli we saw in her season - - nothing in this collection said “Miami”.  I love that a few looks were made out of separates, which usually makes the judges swoon.  Each outfit really sang with her voice - - so many lovely outfits, and that final gown was a knockout.  I hope Tilda Swinton was watching, every outfit was screaming her name.



I wasn’t pleased with his collection at all.  Just from a design point of view, it seemed very ready to wear, there was nothing high fashion about it.  If fashion is a dream (as the Missoni judge said about Uli’s collection), is this the dream women want to have?  And even if he is making ready to wear, are these clothes women want to wear?  The tailoring wasn’t sharp or distinctive - - the whole collection looked like it was made from Simplicity patterns.  It certainly wasn’t high fashion.  And all this talk about his collection being political, the political content is very superficial.  Take away the red bows in the hair, the lunch pails, and show it with a mixture of white models and models of color, and there’s nothing Aunt Jemima or Rosie the Riveter about his collection.



Congratulations to him.  Such a sweet guy, I’m happy that he won, even if I wouldn’t have chosen him.  To use a phrase that my hilarious friend Peter has stolen from Kathy Griffin, I think Isaac has “lady wood” for Anthony Ryan.  That sort of attention goes a long way!  His looks were very precise and beautifully fitted, and clearly examples of his aesthetic.  He does that sexy but covered up thing so well.  The dresses worked together beautifully, there was a good balance of cohesion and variety - - but they were all dresses!  No pants, no jackets, no separates.  I was surprised that the judges didn’t call him out on that, it seems to show a very limited point of view.


Congratulations to all three designers, and their helpmates.  Ten years from now I see a new series: Project Runway All Stars Runner-Ups - - Austin, Michael Costello, Emilio, Josh, Uli, whoever else turns up in the next few years.  And heavy sigh, I’m sure I’ll still be watching it, and still writing about it.


See you next week, for PR11: Teams!

LOVE, Chris

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