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Project Runway All Stars season 6

Episode One

Full disclosure - - I noticed a few weeks ago that PR AS 6 was coming up and made a mental note about it.  Then New Year's happened, and I took a little vacation to Atlanta, and I forgot all about it!  By the time I remembered it was the THIRD EPISODE.  This is clear proof that I've got an advanced case of PRFS (Project Runway Fatigue Syndrome).  But thanks to the mylifetime website and the magic of my DVR, I was able to watch all three episodes, and here I am.


I was instantly tickled by the first remark we heard: Amanda said that she felt that getting on All Stars was proof that she had made it.  Um, honey, it's actually the opposite - - it's proof that you have no career in fashion and you have nothing better to do!  I'm just sayin'.  The relay race idea was really fun and cute.  I felt bad that Edmond screwed up so bad, forgetting that he had the belt around his neck.  What a doofus.


A few random remarks about designers: Kelly from the Deli!  Love that girl.  Anthony cracked me up with his "working apron."  Amanda is a sweetheart.  I always liked Stanley, I'm happy to see him back.  And Kimberly, I have no memory of her.  She looks a little familiar, but that's it.


The workroom looks really cool, right?  And could this show please become more sustainable?  They should have fabric bags from Mood that they reuse every week, and they should have plates and cutlery that gets washed and reused instead of thrown out.  It was great to see makeup hunk Scott Patric again.  I got a smile from him at the Good Stuff Diner a few years ago, I might be holding onto that moment a little too tightly.


Clearly this show was filmed months ago - - Alyssa Milano was the originator of the #MeToo hashtag and Georgina Chapman is the estranged wife of Harvey Weinstein.  He was the producer of this show back in the day.  Something tells me they will not be back for season 7, I think they might want to distance themselves from the whole Weinstein situation.  Hm, we'll see.


The designers were split into two teams: the rookies (designers who had not appeared on All Stars) and vets (designers who had done a previous All Stars season).  They had to built a cutting edge cohesive collection.  The rookies won the relay race so they had the choice between fall or spring (they chose fall) and an extra $500 at Mood.


The rookies were the winning team.  Char, Merline, and Edmond got the top scores.  I thought Edmond's dress was wonky - - Anthony hit the nail on the head when he said the "zipper looks like scoliosis."  And the shoulder pads were too much.  But the idea was good.


Char's dress was my favorite, it was cool and sharp and would sell.  But the judges gave the win to Merline.  They thought the construction was off, but the idea was very strong.  I'd rather give the win to something that was well made, but that's me.


Before I go on I should mention that Ari got an honorable mention for the strongest look in the losing team.  I would have given that prize to Heidi - - I thought that two-piece dress was gorgeous.


The lowest scores went to Helen, Ken, and Casanova.  Helen and Ken used the same fabric, so clearly the judges did not like that fabric, and I quite agree!  They decided early on that Helen's wasn't so bad, and I was surprised that she was in the bottom.  I would have put Fabio in the bottom, I thought that dress was weird, and the fringe was merely decorative.  I thought Ken's look was a perfect executive of the "make an outfit for a hooker on *Star Trek: The Next Generation.*  But that wasn't the challenge!


Casanova went home.  Isaac thought the top was well made but I thought it was bulky and blah.  And the pants, I really didn't like the way they bunched up in the her hoo ha when she walked down the runway.  I was sure the judges would bring that up.  What do I know.


They had a McDonald's commercial that gave a shout-out to the Super Bowl.  Clearly I'm not to be trusted with remembering TV dates, so I'm looking that up on Google right now and putting it on my calendar (Richard and I like to watch the commercials, and the halftime show).


Episode Two

A post apocalyptic runway!  Can you even stand it.  They have to burn, sand, tear, or somehow distress their garment.  And come up with a story for how their girl ended up in this sitchy ayshun.


I'm kinda into Anne Fulenwider, I'm pleasantly surprised by her, she does a good job and seems at ease in front of the camera.  What we saw in the workroom looked promising.  And I suppose I should give a quick shout-out to the Intermix Accessory Wall.


I love that they ended the runway show with all of the models coming out, that was a nice touch.



Ari, so fantastic!  Lots of work, and well done.  Merline: sort of an LBD for the apocalypse.  The win went to Anthony.  I said, "Oh yes" when that came out on the runway.  Such a beautiful look.



Char: how was she on the bottom, she made pants with a train!  Fashion history, people.  Stanley's dress was pretty, but a little flat.

The auf went to Kelly: "Actually, she started the apocalypse."  The judges felt that she put too much focus on the accessories.  I'm going to miss Kelly From the Deli.

Episode Three

Oh my Lord, dinner at Daniel.  Maybe it's the lighting, but that restaurant looks kinda cheap.  The designers are paired up and will be served an entree with a carefully chosen complementary wine.  They need to design two looks, one inspired by the food, the other by the wine.  The winning team will get a full evening at Daniel as part of their prize.  The losing team will BOTH be sent home - - and they'll be sent to Papaya Dog on 6th Avenue for dinner!  Just kidding about Papaya Dog.


I have one note from the workroom: Fabio was wearing a black shirt with a white lace collar.  Totes Little Lord Fauntleroy.  Bitch, please.


Whoopi Goldberg!  Let's hear it for the EGOT!



Anthony and Kimberly: so lovely, both.  Anthony's dress was a stand-out.  The judges weren't wild for Kimberly's pantsuit - - Georgina thought the color was heavy and Isaac thought the proportions were off.  But Whoopi loved it, wanted to wear it!


Ken and Fabio were the winners.  Both very crisp and sharp.  Though is it just me, or did Fabio's outfit look like something Lucy Ricardo would wear?



Candice and Merline: Candice's was better but they were both pretty bad.


Melissa and Ari were sent home. Melissa's dress was ordinary.  For Ari, I like Isaac's suggestion that the front should have been plain solid fabric with the see-through reveal only in the back.  That would have been so much better.

Episode Four

Ah, the ever-dreaded unconventional challenge.  Or as Anthony calls it, "What in gay hell is this?"  The challenge was to make a gown out of balls from a bouncy house for a modern day princess.  Fabio said, "The ball gown is made out of balls."  Lots of talk about balls in this episode.


All kinds of tsuris and doubt in the workroom.  Most people were having a hard time coming up with a concept and/or had difficulty handling the materials.


I've never heard of guest judge Kasey Musgraves, have you?



Kimberly' dress was sweet.  Good thing she got rid of those cotton balls.  Fabio's dress was incredible, I would have given him the win.  Phenomenal construction.  Stanley was the winner with his Audrey Hepburn inspiration.



Amanda - - the judges said that the dress made her model look pregnant.  Well, maybe only three months pregnant.


Helen was not at her best in this episode.  I think she thought she was going to win, and her construction was extraordinary, but the dress overall didn't have the impact, design-wise, of the other dresses in the top.  She defended herself by calling out what she saw as issues in the other designers.  This came up in the green room, and she insisted that she would never insult anyone - - when she had clearly insulted them.  She's a hothead, and it's not going to serve her well.  I like Stanley a lot but was not impressed with him baiting Helen on the runway.  Please.  She can have a complete meltdown all on her own, she doesn't need your help.


















The six designers were called back onto the runway for the final results, and hm, Helen was not one of them!  She did find her way back and nothing was said.  Hm.


Candice's dress was clearly the biggest loser.  Dumpy and sad.  But her final quote was so marvelous, I typed it out word for word:


"I love what I do, so I know I'll be doing it for the rest of my life.  And when you know what you want to do for the rest of your whole entire life, it's just another page in the  book, another page in your story.  And just gonna, you know, continue writing my book."

Episode Five

This week they went full tilt boogie with the product placement. They were given items in the Rodial’s Hero makeup collection and had to link that with a superhero superpower. Sort of a combo platter.

Stanley was given “smokey.” I Googled that, and as I had expected, that spelling only applies when you’re talking about Smokey the Bear. Whose superpower is being able to talk. Last I heard he wasn’t so into pink chiffon, but hey, it’s a new era. Rock your look, Miss Smokey!

I was tickled that Josh was given the adjective “concealer.” Like he could conceal anything. Case in point: Merline was being especially loud with her exterior monologue in the sewing room and Josh looked right at the camera with a FACE.  It’s very rare that a designer looks right at the camera. This was one of my favorite PR moments ever.

Anne’s visit to the workroom was one part encouraging, one part HARSH. Maybe 0.7 encouraging, 1.3 harsh.
But Helen was maybe the harshest of all, describing Kimberly's look as "My Little Pony."

Anthony totally delivered the drama. What a glorious dress. Isaac was amazed by the impeccable construction of the back. I would have given him the win.

Here’s Ken’s description of his outfit, and Georgina’s retort:

Ken: My superhero believes that the beauty of the beholder comes from the person within, so at one glimpse of her she penetrates the soul to where the flesh completely disappears and your inner beauty shines through.

Georgina; I don’t know what you’re saying, but anyway, I love your outfit.

HA! That outfit was original, and I guess unexpected from him (I honestly don’t know his style well enough to know what to expect). But there were a few issues here and there, so...

Fabio was the winner. Alyssa said, “Nobody does proportion like you.” I guess that whole grandma critique from Anne didn’t carry over to the judges. Maybe it was the “Grandma on crack” shoes that saved the outfit (thank you, Fabio, for that hilarious quote).

Edmond: some of the judges were bored with the dress, some were bored with the cape. Overall they were bored.

Merline - - wonky construction, and enough with the boxy shoulder already. The judges said that she’s done this kind of dress before, they’ve told her it’s not good, and she did it again.

Amanda: too busy, too much going on. Isaac asked her to pull in the waist two inches which completely changed the look in the best way. Why wouldn’t she do that herself?

I was surprised that they sent Amanda home rather than Merline. I can see a good idea in Amanda’s dress, it just wasn’t well executed. And on a very basic level, if you had to wear one of those two dresses, which one would you wear? Clearly you’d wear Amanda’s. 

Episode Six

Is Betty Boop empowering or degrading to women? I could ask the same question about Hello Kitty!, but I think I know the answer on that one. There was some kind of “young Hollywood chic” element to this challenge that I didn’t understand. And the winning designer would have their outfit sold on a website I’ve never heard of before. I could have rewound it and gotten the whole story, but I really didn’t care.

There was a lot of pumped up drama in the workroom. Can we just accept that sometimes the designers don’t know what they’re doing, and it’s not the Shanghai Massacre.

Helen: was this a French hooker challenge? Not wild for it, but compared to the others, it was a success. Stanley: sweet, beautifully made.

Josh was the winner. I loved the top, but not the skirt. I was surprised that Isaac liked the skirt the most.

Merline: as Georgina said, there’s no bust, waist, or arse. Edmond: Alyssa said it looked like saggy balls!

Char was sent home. It was not good, that was a bad fabric choice for her. I like her and was sad to see her go, but she shore was deserving with that mess of a dress. I liked one of her closing quotes: “The world will always give you No, you have to make it a Yes." 

Episode Seven

I've never heard of the Hudson River Museum, have you?  It's in Yonkers.  This was the avant garde challenge.  They were to be inspired by the planetarium, they were given $350 and two days.  Cray cray bizniss in the workroom, they were using a hodgepodge of wacky ideas and constructions


Anthony told Anne that he wasn't going in the direction of “pageant, prom, or wedding.”  That's a relief!  Her's what Josh about his critique from Anne: “You don’t always have to see where I’m going, but you have to trust that I’ll get there.”


So many hilarious quotes on this episode.  Anthony looked at the designs by Kimberly, Josh, and Helen and called it “Battle of the Streetwalkers."


Finally, a couple of guest judges who I know and give good value: Jesse Tyler Ferguson and RuPaul!  I'm going to use quotes from the judges.



Anthony - - RuPaul: “Take a chance with pants.”  That was actually RuPaul quoting Anthony.  I loved Anthony's outfit but thought the styling was too wacky.  And I agree with Ferguson that the splatter was a little much.


Merline - - Georgina praised the dress, but said, "We can’t see this week after week after week.”  Isaac said, "She's a one trick pony, but it's a good trick!"  I thought it was a lovely dress, she has some good ideas and knows how to put them across.


Stanley was the winner.  He and Fabio are the only two designers with two wins this season.  I predict that at least one of them will be in the finale.  Jesse thought Stanley's outfit was a little safe - - he said, “I could see Gwen Stefani going to brunch in this.”  RuPaul pointed out the confidence of using matte fabric.  I thought the mask was genius.  Stanley, in addition to the win, gets Marchesa shoes for his next full runway show.



Fabio - - Isaac: “It doesn’t work, but it’s brilliant.  But it’s hideous.”  I was bothered by those two blues, they really didn't work together.  He was lucky that there were bigger losers up there with him.


Josh - - Isaac referred to a “1970s hotel color scheme.”  RuPaul - - “She really looked like the space queen from a porno movie.”  Isaac: “I think Joshua’s is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen, so maybe he should win.”  Josh was very defensive and combative on the runway, and it looks like he and Isaac are going to have a hairpull in the next episode.


Kimberly was sent home.  Jesse: “I really want the cape for a tree skirt."  Georgina said something about having to choose between Josh with too many ideas and Kimberly with no ideas.  But I think the bigger issue is that the producers chose to keep High Drama (Josh) and get rid of No Drama (Kimberly).

Episode Eight

The episode starts with the designers being brought to the Mizrahi show at the Jewish Museum. Richard and I saw that show, it was kind of wonderful. The challenge: Isaac assigned color palettes to the designers, which would be the primary color of their design. They had to choose a complementary color and the look overall was supposed to be a party look for spring.

Here’s what Isaac said when he gave the colors to Josh: “Last but not least, there’s Joshua. I thought of teal because I thought that’s really kind of a deeply beautiful color and it can also be awful. There's a very delicate line to walk, and I think you’re really good at walking a delicate line.” Is that a little shady?

A few funny comments from the workroom - - Anthony to Ken: “All the bad sh-t I been wishin’ on your creation this week, I’m gonna take it all back.” And this is what Anne said to Josh: “You had me until you got to the tiara.”

Ken had a little couture constipation and decided to sit down, take a break, and eat some chicken. And he did my favorite thing - - he looked right at the camera with severe grumpiness.

Christ on a crumpet, the greatest guest judge of all time - - the one and only Carmen Dell’Orefice!

It was hard to tell who was on the top and who was on the bottom. The judges had bad things to say about the top three and good things to say about the bottom three. But it was pretty clear who the winner and loser were...

Helen: the purple was too muted, and the judges weren’t all sold on the single pant leg, but the overall look was a success and a bit of a departure for her. Ken: not wild for the exposed zipper, and you know how I have always hated that. I don’t know why he was in the top.

Isaac revealed the extra prize: the winning designer would collaborate with him on a capsule collection for Lord and Taylor. And the winner was Stanley. I was a little worried that the pink wasn’t prominent enough, with the whole top being sea foam, but he made it work. Carmen said that it looked like old couture, which must have been music to Stanley’s ears. Clearly he’s a Balenciaga fan from way back.

Anthony: Georgina said the cutout was too small and the slit was too high. Hm! And the lavender was a little lost. Plus the whole design was tortured. Edmond: too much like a nightgown. But even then, I would have put him on the top and Ken on the bottom.

Merline was sent home. The yellow and blue were a bad combo. Georgina said that her designs are made or sunk by the fabric choices, and Carmen said she doesn’t seem to have a sensual connection to fabric. It’s always a relief when the judges choose the right person to go home. 

Episode Nine

The designers met at Zac Posen's 5th Avenue showroom.  Only one female designer left, Helen,   They were given a tour of his atelier.  The challenge is to create a red carpet look that showcases their signature technique, whatever that may be.  They were told to choose fabrics from Zac's collection, no trip to Mood this week.  The winner will have the opportunity to design for a Lifetime Original Movie Event.  I think the designers were coached and had to rehearse in front of a mirror when they were filmed getting excited about that.


Anne Fulenwider was away this week, so the designers were told to critique each other!  They pulled names out of the button bag - - the button they pulled out was the name of the designer they were to critique.  They saved the funniest for last.  Helen was given the task of advising Stanley, and Anthony and Fabio watched with great interest, knowing that Stanley didn’t really have much to learn from Helen.  Helen noticed the two of them watching her critique, and said, “I think the sister wives were waiting for Stanley and me to get into a heated argument.”  HA!


Ken on Josh: “Oh gosh.  Joshua’s look looks like a woman who had just divorced her husband, so she snuck into her daughter’s room to get this dress to go to the club to meet some man, have sex with.”


Guest judges: “The adorable Rosie Perez” and Zac Posen.



Fabio: signature technique - - pleating.  Beautifully unexpected.  I would have given him the win, that dress was so gorgeous and so original.  Stanley: tailoring.  Sublime!  Georgina thought the dress was too simple, and Isaac thought it relied too heavily on the beauty of the fabric.  Rosie was concerned about how it would work with her "twins."


The winner was Anthony: sculpting.  Beautiful.  Rosie had the funniest reaction, which I transcribed word for word: “Dawling, you are giving us the narrative, the epilogue, the entire stage performance.  Broadway opening night, Oscar red carpet.  My breasts would look gorgeous in this dress!  I mean from every angle, I’m dyin’ ovah heah!"



Ken: sculpting.  The side piece was awful.  Georgina pointed out that the side piece was pulling on the gown.  Edmond: I don't remember what he called his technique.  Georgina pointed out that the rose didn’t work well with the rose-printed dress fabric.  And thank you Zac, I also hated the zipper.


The losing designer was Josh: pin tucking.  The top was awful.  Zac pointed out that there was too much going on - - the pin tucking, the high/low, the wings, the body sculpting.  And in true Josh fashion, he refused goodbye hugs in his exit.  Hm!]

Episode Ten

The designers met at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square - - their challenge was to design a dazzling performance outfit for the stage.  They were given music genres, two designers for each genre: Helen and Fabio had country, Stanley and Edmond had rock, and Ken and Anthony had pop.  It was a head to head challenge, meaning in each pair one would be the top and one would be the bottom.  One of the top designers would win, one of the bottom designers would lose.


Their prize was designing a T-shirt for the Hard Rock Rock Shop, and also a trip to Cancun.


As usual, Anthony had the funniest line.  Stanley had told him to rein him in if he (Stanley) was making more than three pieces.  Anthony pointed out that he was making four, bordering on five pieces.  Stanley said he was going to stick to making four pieces and Anthony said, “We’re not doing no damn eight pieces with two sides and a biscuit on this challenge, Stanley.”


Rebecca Minkoff (guest judge on the Betty Boop challenge) was the guest mentor.  Her criticism was straightforward and on point.  Maybe Lifetime is grooming her for a permanent gig?



Georgina mentioned that Stanley’s outfit was too precise.  They felt Edmond really nailed the look, he had the rock vibe.



Fabio’s look was the winner in this pair, but only because Helen’s was a bigger failure.  Isaac said that Helen’s look was what a country star would wear to a bar mitzvah.  But then he said that Fabio’s girl looked like she was going to play tennis.



I don’t know why they liked Ken better than Anthony.  I thought Ken’s look was too demure, and the granny panty was a big problem.  I loved Anthony’s look.


Edmond was the winner.  His look was totes badass.  And Helen was sent home.  I think she was surprised.  It was nice of Isaac to point out how close the decision was.


Next week: NINA GARCIA!

Episode Eleven

Welcome to our nation’s capital!  I loved that Stanley said that they’re dressed in their suits, looking like a boy band.  I would totally buy their album.  Anyone know where I can buy an album?


The challenge: to design a six-piece collection inspired by the Smithsonian and “making their mark on fashion history."  Alyssa dropped the bomb that this was the finale, there would be no elimination from four to three.  You might guess how I feel about that - - the series started with three designers in the finale and they only expanded it to four when they felt like they had to.  It’s been happening more and more over the last few years, and I feel like it’s a cop out.  But in this case I guess I appreciated that they said that up front, rather than pretending they were eliminating someone and then wimping out by not doing it.  [More about this later.]


They did their model casting on the roof.  There was no fighting, no squabbling, and we all know that’s not the way it went down, right?  Their Mood trip was at the Mood WAREHOUSE.  Can you even imagine?


Thank you, Stanley, for your shout-out to the timeless Willi Smith.  I was a fan of Smith back in the day and still wear the Willi Smith grey rayon trench coat that was handed down from my brother Patrick.  I also have a summer shirt handed down from my brother Howard.  Hm, come to think of it, I’ve had a number of Smith garments over the years, and yet I’ve never bought any of them myself!  Sadly, that ship has sailed - - he died in 1987 and his label folded in 1990.


Oh but wait!  Alyssa announced that they were now going to be creating one look to be presented to the judges, and the judges would choose a final three.  Thank you.


A propos of nothing, I just came up with a great idea for a challenge twist: the designers are given the theme, they go to Mood or wherever and buy their fabrics, they get back to the workroom and POOF!  They’re told to move to one table to the right, and they have to use another designer’s fabric.  Great, right?


Anne Fulenwider has a DIVINE haircut! It’s free and easy in the front but sharp and precise along the back.  I’m sure it costs her plenty, and that money is well spent.  Her critique, as usual, rode the line between tough and encouraging.  She’s very good, I like her a lot.


Runway show:


The first guest judge was burlesque artist Dita von Teese, who I adore.  Hm, I should make an effort to see her in performance someday.  The other guest judge was Zanna Roberts Rassi, Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor, whose hair was pink!  Forget that Dior says black and rust!



















Stanley: Crisp, elegant, yet surprising, my favorite look of the four.  The judges were crazy for it, but why did no one mention the unfinished hems?  Why is that not a problem?


Ken: Not wild for it, it seems a little unresolved.  The judges had all kinds of issues with it.


Fabio: Bravo for doing something different!  I thought it was cute.  Isaac said he was looking for more “gauche caviar.”  Love that expression, but WTF does it mean?  Isaac encouraged him to take his personal styling (what he chooses to wear) and incorporate that in his clothes for women.


Anthony: Lovely, but does it make you want to see more?  The judges were conflicted over the velvet-faced neoprene, and they called out the wonky waist.


Alyssa brought the designers to another part of the building, where they were each  given a sewing machine, a steamer, an ironing board, a barrel full of fabric scraps discarded by eliminated designers earlier that season, a model standing there in her underwear, and an hour to create a new look.  My question is this: why do they need to do this?  Didn’t they already do enough, by creating the looks that had just been critiqued?  So were they being critiqued and eliminated on this new look, or the look they had made before?  But my next question: why do I ask these questions that have no answers?


I love that they showed clips of the discarded fabrics in their original contexts.


Runway, Part Two:


Anthony: The judges liked it more than I did.  Zanni was right, it would have been better as a midi.


Stanley: Love it, the idea was so strong and so beautifully executed.


Ken: So well made, but I was with Isaac, it was a little too tightly wound.


Fabio: So effortless, and again, I was with Isaac, the shorts would be cuter if they were a little shorter.


Thank you to Isaac and Georgina for setting the rules on the judging - - the elimination would be based on both looks.


The final trio was Stanley, Fabio, and Anthony, and Ken was sent home.


Next week: they're going to bring back eliminated designers to serve as assistants.  Oh Lord, that smells like drama.



The episode started with the designers being given assistants.  Anthony got Candice, Stephen got Amanda, and Fabio got Helen.  Three women assisting three men - - do you think that’s an accident?  They had three days to make six looks.


Anne Fulenwider gave her usual good advice.  She encouraged Fabio to be more Fabio.  She told Stanley, “You don’t get points for just tasteful, classy, and wearable.”  Which I’m stitching on a pillow, that is advice for the ages.  Anne gasped when Anthony mentioned he was using ostrich feathers.  Gasp, indeed - - feathers can go totally dragadelic.


They made another trip to Mood, to get fabric for the extra look.  Anthony said, “There is nothing more beautiful than painted velvet.”  Hm, that’s definitely a strong point of view.  Amanda pointed out that Anthony had never made a collection before, and clearly didn’t understand the pacing.  I was curious to see how that panned out, but not really worried (as I might have been in an earlier season).  But I thought maybe they were setting him up to emerge triumphant.  See how savvy I’ve gotten, after lo these many years.


Oh whoa, the entrance of those twenty-one tall, willowy models - - was it disturbing to you?  I so loved the last season of PR, with the mixture of skinny models and plus-size models, I wish they would do that all the time.  PR producers, take note!


OK, time for the finale show.  LOVED Georgina’s gown, and Alyssa’s gown.  Wasn’t so jazzed about Isaac’s brooches, but hey, I will defend to the death his right to wear them.  The guest judges were Catherine Zeta Jones and Zac Posen.  Because why not?



Elevated sportswear.  Maybe a little too J Crew?  You can’t discount how perfectly executed it all was (except for the hem on that white dress, which was still unfinished and ratty).  He knows what he’s doing and knows how to do it.  This is a guy who will get a JOB - - I could see him working at Calvin Klein, or J Crew, for that matter, rather than running his own label.



I wasn’t impressed with Fabio’s collection in the workroom, it looked a little too nautical for my taste - - but it didn't come across like that on the runway. Wow, that first look was greatly improved by doing away with the bird print.  His collection was more unusual than Stanley’s, but it was still well made and somewhat wearable.  I didn’t like the final look, it made me think of a badly fitted dashiki.



That first dress looked a little bulky in the waistline.  The first two outfits had a little too much Morticia Addams in the walk, if you ask me.  And I believe you did!  Oo, that black and white dress was fantastic, very unexpected, very red carpet for VH1.  And of course the final gown was stunning.


And the winner is: Anthony!  I was surprised they chose him, I thought they'd choose either of the other two.  Ah well, what do I know.


My friend Laura pointed out how this season had a different spirit than any previous Project Runway season -- more collaboration, more community. more support and appreciation for the other designers.  There was still some trash being talked, that will always be there.  But the final three all said that they felt they were stronger because of the others.  Each of them wanted to win, but they felt that the others were deserving and talented.  That's beautiful.

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