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Ryan on the Runway: PR19, ep1

Hello sports fans! It's been way too long since I've done a Ryan on the Runway post. I looked back in my archives - - the last one was in April of 2020! Oh, the humanity.

Is this really the 19th season of Project Runway? Many of the designers are super cocky, so I guess some things never change. Heavy sigh.

The first challenge: two teams, they each create a cohesive collection of monochromatic looks. One team was using warm colors, the other cool colors. And an interesting twist, one team worked in the morning and one in the evening.

Darren: angered me right off by saying that Lincoln Center was “a continent unto itself.” Not really, honey. At the end of the second day he had a meltdown and was on the patio smoking in the final minutes while Bones made his dress. Not good. We'll see more of this, I'm sure. Mind you: this is the FIRST EPISODE.

Meg: love her energy, her attitude, her mouth! And bravo that she shared her history with mental health issues.

Zayden: the only man on his team. Snaps to him for deciding the best strategy was to fly under the radar and not cause any trouble.

Bones: a bit of a blowhard but has the talent to back it up. Background as a dancer, no surprise there.

Shantall: you had me at “palazzo pant.”

Octavio: I can’t decide if I like him. His hot red mustache definitely bothers me.

Caycee: was inspired by movie fashion from the 40s through the 60s. I support that, but will the judges?

Chasity: crack me up, she asked questions to the room and heard crickets chirping. Live and learn, honey.

Sabrina: wow, she’s from Afghanistan! That’s special. And she said that their girl is “going to Costco.” OK.

Prajje: very little screen time, which will probably mean he’s in the middle.

Aaron, Kristina, Coral, Kenneth, Anna: ditto.

The concept that the Warm Team chose was “dinner and a show.” Is that idea drippy or droopy or both? The Cool Team didn’t do much better - - their concept was either “a flower” or “a bow.” Either way, a one-way ticket to Yawnsville.

Guest judge: the marvelous Jason Wu.

The Warm Team was the winning team. Top three looks: Octavio, very bold. Bones: this was a surprise, I thought the top made her boobs look funny. And ouch, Darren: in a dress that was actually made by Bones! It took Darren a minute to admit that Bones had made it.

Bottom three looks from the Cool Team: Sabrina. It looks like it took ten minutes to make. Caycee: shapeless, sloppy, unfinished. Not good. Chasity: dull. And the bow was stupid. Love that Nina said she had “choked.” Oh yes.

The winner of course was Bones. I thought the dress he made for Darren was a bigger win - - it would have been great if the judges had given it to "Darren" but actually given it to Bones! That would have been historic.

And the auf was Caycee. Too bad because I liked her energy a lot.

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