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Ryan on the Runway: PR18, ep 6

Oh, poor Victoria! She felt guilty that she’d been on the top so many times. That must be such a heavy burden, I feel awful for her.

The challenge: create a look based on your personal heritage. And we had what I believe was our first overt product placement of the season - - Christian said: “Makeup should be a very important part about this look too,, OK? So make sure you guys collaborate with your makeup artists, because Maybelline believes that beauty really comes from diversity and individuality. They make something for everyone and that is exactly what you guys are trying to embrace here.”

Karlie told them that they’d be given tablets so they could research their cultural heritage, if needed. Do you think any of them checked their email instead? And while they were on the tablets they got FaceTime calls from their mothers, parents, or other family members. Aw!

Sergio’s father is a Mexican immigrant and decided to do a gown that honored the six children who recently died in custody trying to cross the border. Noble and could be very powerful, but it better be a good looking gown! Shave’s gown was inspired by his great aunt, who was part Cuban and was able to pass as white, which helped her in her career as a singer.

Dayoung’s grandfather had been a prisoner of war in North Korea - - Christian encouraged her to do something inspired by a traditional garment, but make it something that a girl of today would want to wear. Delvin changed his mind halfway through the day and decided to do a dress that paid homage to his French background by doing a couture gown that was in the process of being created.

Guest judge: Fernando Garcia. Never heard of him, but whoa, he is FINE. There was something in the air that night, definitely!


Victoria: the judges didn’t feel that it had any connection to Moldova, but they loved the fact that it was unexpected. Nina was crazy for it. I felt that Marquise should have been on the top instead, his outfit was super sharp.

Chelsey: She was inspired by her two grandmothers, who were both public school principals. Fernando described it as “Balenciaga goes to the tailgate.” It was a perfect execution of the challenge, it honored her family but was still fashionable.

Dayoung: I love what Nina said, that she’s a quiet designer but that the work speaks for her. Brandon felt that the jacket could be worn by anyone and that she totally nailed the challenge.


Delvin: Fernando felt that the writing on the corset should have been central to the look and not just a small detail on the bodice. And they could tell that the hot pink wasn’t something he wanted. And that back zipper was horrid.

Shavi: so badly made, such a terrible use of the fabric, and Nina felt it was a dress they had seen a thousand times, “in every price range.” He got weepy on the runway.

Sergio: thank you to Elaine for addressing the political content but saying that it happens apart from the garment, which was not a winner.

Chelsey was the winner. Shavi was sent home.

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