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Ryan on the Runway: PR18, ep 5

All hail guest judge Cyndi Lauper! The challenge: the designers were split into two teams - - they used a new spin on the button bag, Lauper chose five names out of the button bag and then Victoria, as winner of the previous challenge, got to choose what team she wanted to be on. They had to make one look each, inspired by Lauper and the 80s, but still modern and cool.

One team worked together very well, the other team was totes cray cray, especially at Mood And you know what Mister Michael Kors always says: the challenge lives or dies based on what happens at Mood!

The drama continued in the workroom, and was amped up with the surprise element announced by Christian: the needed to create all of their accessories! Dear Lord, they’re even making their own SHOES? Thankfully they didn’t have to make their own shoes.

Oh my, major drama back at the apartment. Nancy had been feeling left out in the workroom and that feeling was confirmed when the five other members of her team had a meeting out on the porch and didn’t tell her about it! Yikes! “You had a team meeting without me?” “It wasn’t a team meeting, we were just talking about hair and makeup.” “Uh yeah - - that’s a team meeting.”

But what a surprise - - the team that had trouble was the winning team and the team that worked together well was the losing team! You could tell that everyone was surprised by that.


Victoria: I was not wild for that. It was too similar to her winning look the week before, and to quote Mr. Kors again, she was pooping fabric!

Geoffrey: very sharp, beautifully tailored, tough but still elegant.

Brittany: so well constructed and daring in its design.


Sergio: either it went too far or not far enough, it was messy. Sergio was wrong to say that he designs for women 40 and up, because hello, Cyndi is over 40. And what amistake for him to say, “If you like it, if you don’t, that’s not my problem.”

Marquise: those shorts were unfortunate, it’s never a good idea to have white shorts with a black zipper, it really draws the eye to the hoo ha in a way that isn’t nice.

Melanie: thank you to her for admitting that she had a hard time. And thank you Cyndi for saying, “Don’t blame it on the 80s.” Melanie could have made something sophisticated and minimal that was still rooted in the 80s.

The winner was Geoffrey, which was super important and emotional for him. Melanie was sent home. I felt bad for her, but the whole concept behind the show is taking what you do and applying it to the limitations of the challenge, and she wasn’t able to do that.

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