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Ryan on the Runway: PR 20, ep 11

You know how the show always starts with a tiny recap of the previous episode? It made me sad to be reminded that Korto had been sent home. But then her fabulous behavior at her exit - - it made me think that she's being put in Wikipedia under "badass." She is Da Bomb.

Waldorf had this general comment: “These five designers are all....good people. Dare I say that? There is not one that I 'want' to go. I like them all. I think they've all done incredible work over the season. I like some more than others but none of them is catty or assholey. I'm glad the final five are these five.”

I was tickled to see Rami putting on his makeup. With a brush.

Christian introduced the challenge: men's red carpet peacock look. And not to go all ornithiogical on your ass, but I feel that the term "male peacock" is a bit redunant because it is the male peacock who has the splendid plumage. I'm just sayin'.

I want to talk about the clothes we saw on the cast this week. Loved Christian's quilted short-sleeved jacket. Loved loved Brittany's butterfly blouse. And Loved Loved LOVED Rami's tie-dye shirt - - I need to own that, and want to be wearing it before the summer is over. Thank you.

Back in the apartment the next morning, Brittany had a video call with her husband who was so cute. A little shlubby, very sweet and supportive. Statler said this: “Her husband appears to be a genuinely nice guy who is her biggest supporter, until he watches the season. I hope there is a prenup.”

The models came to the workroom and the designers all made a great effort to keep themselves together because they were all Sooper Hawt. Christian asked Brittany if she was wearing her wedding ring. It was that kind of situation. Statler had this to say: “I would love to hear the models’ thoughts on Christian? Is he the lecherous man down the street that no one was allowed to Trick or Treat at his house.”

Waldorf had this amusing self-referential comment: “As Waldorf predicted, Christian is swooning over the male models. So cliché. ‘I'm so excited I could pee.’ Eeesh.”

Bishme stabbed his model in the crotch and he bled actual male model blood on his slacks. It felt like manufactured drama as a viewer but I bet it didn't feel like that to the model? Notably no one asked HIM if he was OK.

Laurence felt that her look was too bare so she made an undershirt that looked like bubble wrap. Not in a good way. Thankfully she kicked that business to the curb. But every designer appeared to have issues or concerns so who really knew what was going to happen.

The guest judge was the amazing Colman Domingo. I was blown away by him in *The Scottsboro Boys,* such a briliant show and a dazzling performance.


Rami: wow, talk about editorial! Delicious, makes you want to handle it and put it on. The judges loved the elegance and understatement. Nina felt like it was an original take on a tuxedo.

Waldorf on Rami: “Rami....I liked it. I think. I couldn't decide. Is that weird? I like it. I don't. I like it. I don't. I agree with Brandon, ‘It is original.’ I liked the layers on the top but it does look a bit like the vinyl siding on my house. Maybe that's why I'm struggling.... But Brandon wants to wear it so I like it again.”

Bishme: the only word is "fly!" Unless we do SUPERFLY! Major impact. The judges weren't totally sold on the hat and scarf but Nina said they gave it impact and she loves that he always thinks about the body.

Waldorf: “Bishme's color choice was awesome. Unique. Bold. Love.But the cape that also serves as a facemask? Eh. The closure on that jacket, though. Love.”

Brittany: I would have liked it better if she'd had an oversized pussy bow at the neck rather than the enormous clown bow tie, but the whole look was flashy and full of attitude. Colman said he'd fight Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet. Brandon thought it had too many repeated elements from previous designs and asked her to be more original next week.

Waldorf said this: “I loved the pant but that top....oof. Became a little clowny. Or mermaid.”

Statler said this about Brittany: “Brittany’s model - I am shocked how much they all loved it. I could not figure out if it was the last remaining garment in Siegfried and Roy’s closet, or the costume of gender fluid Circus Ringmaster. On a sidetone: I am extremely glad that they called her out for repeating looks.”

And also this: “What was that little kiss that Rami’s model threw to Brittany and her school girl reaction?”


Prajjé: I felt like the hand painting made it look too homemade, it cheapened the look for me. But the overall design was sharp. Colman felt that a man on the red carpet needs to be very clear in his storytelling and this look was not clear that way. Ouch, Brandon called it "everything gone wrong."

Waldorf liked the painting: “Prajjé's fabric was super cool with the paint. I didn't love the end product but I would have loved to see that painted fabric as something else. Of course, when he says ‘I think this is enough to stay in the competition’ one must worry about their fate.”

Laurence: the model looked super tasty but too much skin for the red carpet, right? She should have done a more or less normal shirt, that would have set the other pieces off in a jazzy way. Colman thought it was too understated. Brandon described it as "a confused businessman who moonlights at an S & M bar." Sounds like a new series for Bravo!

Waldorf: “‘A confused businessman who moonlights at an S&M bar.’ I think Brandon has been spending time with Waldorf with catty comments like that.”

And Walforf again: “I do NOT understand Laurence's outfit. The bullet proof vest was odd enough although it did look cool. It was the pieces together that I just don't get. For one of the top designers throughout, this was disappointing.”

I knew Rami would be the winner. He was the only one who the judges had nothing bad to say about. And Prajjé was sent home. It was pretty clear - - if you had to wear one of those two losing outfits you would wear Laurence's, clearly. You might not look as wow as another guy on the red carpet but at least you wouldn't look foolish.

Interesting balance in the final four: two men, two women - - two white, two Black - - two straight, two gay. Not deliberate, I'm sure, but interesting.

Statler had this concluding comment: “I want to go out for a drink with Brandon and Nina. I love their chemistry, and candor. I do not miss Heidi. Tim, I miss, but not Heidi.”

and candor. I do not miss Heidi. Tim, I miss, but not Heidi.”

For no particular reason, I'm including this song:

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