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Ryan on the Runway: PR 20, ep 10

The top six! We're getting down to the wire, people. Elaine and Christian announced the challenge: a double bind challenge in honor of how women in particular are told they're too much of one thing, not enough of another. Christian reeled off a couple of interesting statistics. TRESsemé collaborated with The Representation Project and their study showed that two thirds of women experience the double bind and 90% of those women say it prevents them from being their authentic selves.

The challenge is to create one runway look that showcases two styles. The designers picked a pair out of the button bag.

Bishme: basic and bold.

Korto: formal and casual.

Rami: fitted and oversized.

Prajjé: elegant and edgy.

Brittany: sexy and modest.

Laurence: classic and trendy.

Bishme had the opportunity, as the winner of the previous challenge, to trade his pair with someone else's. He refrained. Classy. Yet casual!

Off to Mood. I love that Christian was unglued by Rami wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Crack me up. He looked cute!

Korto was cranky in her visit with Christian in the workroom. She was insulted that the judges referred to her previous week's outfit as "safe." She needs to take that crankiness and channel it into her work. She needs to have a I'll Show Those Bitches moment.

Brittany made a see-through Frederick's of Hollywood dress with a bra and thong underneath it and thought that was even just a little bit modest? They finished up in the workroom and went to the night lounge. Am I wrong thinking there's too much drinking happening on this show? Three words: glug, glug, glug.

The guest judge was designer Batsheva Hay, a New York designer known for modesty fashion. Statler and Waldorf had these hilarious comments about Nina Garcia:

Statler: “I love it when Brandon says to Nina I can’t tell if your face says I love this I hate this. Same, Brandon. Same.”

Waldorf: “Nina was smiling a great deal tonight and I was conflicted. It was great to see her happy and smiling, yet I knew that somewhere nearby, a large litter of Dalmatians were being born."

Brittany: cool look but really not modest at all.

Prajjé: I liked the dinosaur scales, I thought the whole look was inventive.

Laurence: amazing look but I don't see how it says classic yet trendy.

Rami: I was very curious to hear what the judges were going to say.

Bishme: he should have listened to Christian and made the hood more of an event. The dress was gorgeous though.

Korto: I loved it, loved it, loved it. So full of attitude.

Hm, the judges didn't announce who was on the top and who was on the bottom.

Clearly Laurence was on the top. Brandon didn't see the "trendy" element but he was nutty for her tailoring.

Nina felt Bishme's hoodie was forced. Batsheva felt like he had nailed the bold/basic duality, more than the others.

As predicted, the judges didn't buy the cape sleeve as the "oversized" element of Rami's dress. The judges agreed that it was a beautiful dress but not a successful fulfillment of the challenge.

The judges were puzzled by Prajjé's look. Nina said it was a classic safe look - - not her favorite but not her least favorite. And she didn't mean that in a good way.

Batsheva was crazy for Korto's pants and didn't like the jacket. Nina was on the opposite side of that, she liked the jacket but not the pants. And ouch, Korto talked back a bit in her critique. Never a good choice. Elaine was very articulate in her explanation, kudos to her.

This is what Waldorf said: “Koto arguing with the judges? I am sure the prize of a one-year mentorship would be money well spent by the producers. (insert sarcastic inflection here) When she said she felt as though there were mixed messages in the judging and I saw Nina’s head tilt, and Elaine’s scowl, I heard Oda Mae Brown telling her ‘You in danger, girl!’ “

Batsheva felt like Brittany's outfit was very Met Gala. Thank you, Nina, for saying it wasn't modest. At all. Brandon thought it had glitz yet restraint. Waldorf said this: “I really liked Brittany’s design, and her model looked amazing. But, that was about as modest as a pair of assless chaps.”

The judges gave us the skinny on the top three and bottom three in their discussion:

Top three: Laurence, Brittany, Rami

Bottom three: Bishme, Prajjé, Korto

Laurence was the winner. Flawless outfit. And Korto was sent home. I'm gonna miss her, I love her and her work. Her final words were so powerful, she's such a star.

Statler said this: “Korto's aufing was evident once she started arguing with the judges. I'm not saying she was wrong to do so but the ground work for her departure was laid when she started talking about the mixed messages she felt she was receiving. As my partner Waldorf eluded to last week....she was starting to move into the arena of whiny and too self assured and it was time. Ironically, I really liked her outfit even if the pant pattern looked like the bedspread in the Victorian B&B I stayed at last week.”

I went to YouTube to include a clip for all y’all. I thought I’d do a search for Korto Momolu Project Runway and now I think I might need to start watching After the Show. She is spilling some tea here, honey!

Waldorf had a few predictions: “Next week is male model week. Without a doubt, it will be an hour of Christian’s giddiness. I hope there will be enough time for him to shave, trim, primp, pluck, and probably pump.”

And Statler was bold enough to make predictions for the finale: “I don't know how we get from 5 to 3. Do we think the judges will just send all 5 to fashion week? Who will get the 'oof' next week? My money is on Rami going next. I really like him but his designs seem to be very similar each week, he was already sent off once but saved, and I just don't get 'new and fabulous' from him. I think Prajjé may be the other one to go which means I'm banking on Laurence, Bishme and Brittany for the final. Anyone else want to place bets?”

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