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Ryan on the Runway: M the C season 3, ep 6

Wow, I hadn't noticed that Jeanette was a two-time winner. Brava for her.

The challenge: create a two-look collection that represents your brand and also a social media campaign, a video intended for Tik Tok. Tim stressed that the videos would figure prominently in the judging.

We did a little check in with each of the designers and I went BAT SH-T CRAZY over the daisy T-shirt Rafael was wearing.

Crazy for the daisy! And wow, it had matching pants. I WANT. It would look pretty fabulous on me, don't you agree?

The day seamstresses arrived and got their work orders from the designers. Everyone seemed to have a good idea of what they were doing. Tim gave them valuable criticism (as always). They did their model fittings and Yannik said that Rafael's look was not his "cup of tea." Too "Walt Disney princess." Frosty shade from the Teutonic dude!

Oh my. Rafael had a video visit with his mom. I had almost forgotten that she had cancer. She was in the hospital when he called. So intense, so much to take in. And then more drama - - he spray painted the pants on his accessible look and his model refused to put them on because they were still damp with paint. She was petulant and crabby. Did she understand that the fashion world was watching this show?

Guest judges: Chloe and Halle Bailey. Heidi described the as actresses and five-time Grammy nominees with millions of followers on social media. I've never heard of them, but why would Heidi lie?


The runway look didn't deliver for me but the judges were wild for it. Heidi said it was her favorite look of the night. The accessible look was lumpy and not appealing.

His video was bland but Chloe and Halle were into the amateur quality of it. He was safe.


I love that the runway look was short, I wasn't expecting that. The sculptural element was fascinating. The judges loved it. They also loved the way the accessible look related to the runway look.

The video was amazing. I would watch it numerous times. Georgia seemed unimaginative and yesteryear earlier in the show but she ramped it up and did something so original and strong in this episode. She was the winner.


Wow, the runway look, with the full face covering, I thought it was super sexy. The judges felt the accessible look had too much going on. I wasn't mad at it. Heidi said it looked like a school art project. Which was not the challenge. In the final judging she said the second look was so over-styled that it looked like a Christmas tree decorated with every ornament that he could find. Which was not the challenge.

The video was energetic but also boring. He was sent home. He said he felt that he was the next global brand. OK, we'll see! He was sort of defiant on his way out of the room - - which I guess is sort of punk rock, right?


Her looks were pretty but not fresh or innovative. The judges were disappointed.

The judges felt the dresses looked better in the video than in the show. The video did have lots of juice.


The judges felt the runway look was not flattering, the fabric was too stiff. Nicole pointed out the clash of colors in the accessible look: different shades of red or pink for the earrings, eye makeup, and pants. Oo, not a good idea.

The video was cute but not a total wow.

It came down to Jeanette and Rafael. It seemed that one of them was being sent home. The judges sent the designers out of the room and took a few minutes to discuss.

The judges brought everyone back in the room. They told Rafael that he was making the cut. They asked him to sit down. Jeanette started making her exit speech, which was gracious and full of positive energy. And then Heidi told her she had also made the cut! And again, Jeanette was puzzled!

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