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Ryan on the Runway: M the C, season 3 ep 4

The challenge: they needed to collaborate as a team to create a cohesive seven-look collection. Heidi stressed that they also needed the individual pieces to show the mark of their designers. And they should all be accessible, not high-end garments. The big shocker: they had only seven hours for the whole challenge.

Yannik came up with an expected idea. He thought it would be important to come up with an idea of where they’re all going. And his idea: they’re going to a funeral! The idea became more precise and elaborate - - it was the funeral of an Italian mob boss and each designer was designing a look for a specific character at the funeral. The widow, the mistress, the queer son, the priest, etc. I was pretty jazzed up.

Something happened in the sewing room that confused me. Yannik decided that it would be fastest for each designer to choose one machine that only they would use, rather than switching around and using whatever machine was available. Um, why don’t they always do that? Shouldn’t saving time and making strategic choices like this be part of every challenge?

Oh dear, such drama! Sienna screwed up her machine and injured her finger and even though the plan was if they screwed it up they’d be stuck with it, she broke that rule invaded someone else’s turf. And who did she choose? Yannik. So how did he deal with it? He went around the room talking about how angry he was. Waste of time, honey.

Mad dash to the finish line. Thankfully everyone appeared to have finished their work.

The runway show was in the workroom, which was unusual. Guest judge: Tik Tok fashion sensation Wisdom Kaye.

GEORGIA: The Priest

Sleek, sophisticated, sexy but not trashy. Tim called it “tantalizing.”

SIENNA: The Widow

The judges liked it mostly but I didn’t. I thought its was bulky.

CURTIS: The Fashionista Son

Super sexy, so distinctive. Nicole is so cute - - she said to Wisdom Kaye, “I know I’ve known you only for four minutes, but I feel like if this were nine feet longer you would totally wear it.”

MARKANTOINE: The Rockstar Son

Richard accurately identified this as “a Judy Garland look.” Tim, in his critique, said, “He’s a rock star. A little vulgarity is perfectly permissible.”

Another super sexy look. The top, in particular, was fabulous. Are sequins ever a bad idea?

JEANETTE: The Widow’s Best Friend

The judges loved it, especially the draping, but I felt like it was made in 45 minutes rather than seven hours. Rather slapdash.

YANNIK: The Mistress

The garter was such a cute idea. Very sharp look, lots of design going on there, beautifully considered and expertly put together.

RAFAEL: The Murderer

He’s so hilarious. He saw that the other designers were using all black so he chose a black and white stripe fabric so if she was found out as the murderer she could do directly to jail.

Heidi was all over it like a duck on a june bug. Jeremy said, “It’s not for everyone.” But should you be designing something than CAN be worn by everyone?

The judges’ discussion was a hoot. Nicole cracks me up - - she said, “No one was terrible.” Jeremy called out Sienna as being one of the least successful. Heidi said, “No, but no.”

Call me catty, but I was pleased that Yannik told the judges the story about the stolen sewing machine situation. He left it to them to figure out who the thief was and they accurately identified Sienna.

Yannik was chosen as the winner! He earned it, his look was so strong and is sellable. And even though Sienna was clearly the least successful and she had been exposed as the sewing machine stealer, the judges went totally namby pamby Project Runway on your ass and DID NOT SEND ANYONE HOME. Such a cop out. But thankfully they said that they’d send two people home next week. So you know that Yannik will have an Italian mafia vendetta against Sienna.

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