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New look for divamensch homepage

My website provider (, which I LOVE) has improved their blog features. I just migrated to the new blog and reconfigured my homepage. You'll still get emails (if you're a subscriber, and I hope you are) alerting you to new posts, and the most recent posts will still show up on the home page. There are two important changes:

1. The blog feed on the homepage is now in one column, instead of two. This will work better for those of you who look at my website on a tablet.

2. The old homepage had a feature under the oldest blog post that said, "Older Posts" - - you'd click on that and it would bring you to a page of older blog posts. That no longer exists. Even BETTER, now the blog feed is a menu choice on the homepage: if you look along the top, you'll see choices for "Home," "Reviews," "Travel/etc," "Interviews," "About divamensch," and then the new tab, "Blog." Click on the blog choice and it'll take you way back. If you're interested.

Please let me know if you run into any problems. And thanks, as always, for your interest and your support!

LOVE, Chris

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