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Fabulous Friday: *Follies* at the Phil

As a tribute to EGOT #7, Jonathan Tunick, I give you this priceless documentary about *Follies* getting a semi-staged production at the New York Philharmonic in 1985. The cast of this show boggles the imagination. In alphabetical order: Licia Albanese, Carol Burnett, Betty Comden, Barbara Cook, Adolph Green, George Hearn, Erie Mills, Phyllis Newman, Mandy Patinkin, Lee Remick, and Elaine Stritch. Plus some other people.

I'd suggest you start at 41:13, when Andre Gregory introduces the performance as producer Dimitri Weismann. The first song, "Beautiful Girls," is a knockout. The way they switch from tenor-and-piano (the way it would have sounded in an actual reunion situation, like they do in the show) to the full New York Freaking Philharmonic, it throws me into a fit of sobs every time.

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