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Fabulous Friday: Diahann Carroll and Sammy Davis Jr

I know what you're thinking - - isn't this Fabulous SUNDAY? My apologies, I was sure I had sent this out. I was going to skip it but these videos are too marvelous.

Years ago I bought a cheesy 3-CD set of songs recorded live in Las Vegas. My favorite track was Diahann Carroll singing "Goin' Out Of My Head." I was thrilled to find a video of her doing that song on YouTube this morning, on the Hollywood Palace.

Two observations, one general and one specific. The general: the song IS about someone goin' out of their head so I guess it's a valid choice for Miss Carroll to play it like a mad scene, right? Lordy, get that girl some meds. And the specific: play close attention at 1:20 and you'll see the camera and the cue cards at the end of the runway. Hilarious.

And here she is with Sammy Davis Jr doing a couple of songs from *Porgy and Bess.* Check out his shoes - - his heels are almost as tall as hers.

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