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Fabulous Friday: "Blue Moon" and "Lover"

My brother Howard sent me a spooky version of "Blue Moon" done by the duo known as KOU. It made me think of a great story by Peggy Lee. She had a hit record with an up tempo version of the Rodgers and Hart song "Lover." She ran into Richard Rodgers at a cocktail party (or at least this is how I remember it).

RODGERS: Hello Miss Lee. I hear you're having a hit record with my song "Lover."

LEE: Yes I am, it's a wonderful song, thank you for writing it.

RODGERS: You're aware that it's a WALTZ.

Rodgers was very particular about the way his songs were interpreted. He wanted the song performed precisely as he wrote it with no extra bells or whistles. That's HIS damage. Here's darling Deanna Durbin singing "Lover" as a waltz. As a duet with herself, no less. Love her yarmulke.

And here's Miss Lee doing her hopped up version. From my point of view she actually sounds like she's HAD a lover.

Here's Ella Fitzgerald singing "Blue Moon" in a manner that Richard Rodgers would recognize:

And here's the spooky version by KOU. I think Rodgers would have a seizure, possibly while saying, "Come back, Peggy Lee! All is forgiven!"

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