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Fabulous Friday: A to F

I had the great idea to use the Fabulous Fridays to mirror the alphabet experience we have going on with the Diva / Mensch pairs. I came up with this idea a little late, but came up with a solution...

One of my most devoted readers, the divine Stephanie Jutt, was in love with Anita Ekberg's gown in the Fountain of Trevi photo. This led to a discussion of Fellni and she told me about this video from the early days of Saturday Night Live, a Fellini tribute called *La Dolce Gilda.* So F is for Fellini:

And I'll get caught up with the preceding letters. A is for *All About Eve,* naturally:

B is for *The Band Wagon:*

C is for Charlie! Three cheers for Bobby Short, Shelley Hack, and a jingle with a five against four rhythm!

D is for Donizetti - - the goofy Edita Gruberova singing "O luce di quest' anima:"

And E is for "Easy Lover." I don't know why but I really love this song.

Next week - - what will the G stand for?

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