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CDA x 4: Pope B, Pelé, B Walters, V Westwood

Wow, so many celebrity deaths to report! First off, Pope Benedict, who died the other day at the age of 95. Thanks to Stephanie Jutt for the alert. I could share a clip of Pope B himself, but isn't it more fun to see a Saturday Night Live commercial with Christoph Waltz playing him?

Next, Pelé - - who died at the age of 82. Here's a compilation of his top 10 impossible goals:

Stephanie was my gal on the street once more, sending me a text about the death of Barbara Walters (age 93). I've probably read over a hundred biographies and autobiographies and Walters's memoir *Audition* is one of the best. Here's a sweet tribute to her:

And last but not least, it was Richard who told me about the death British designer Vivienne Westwood (age 81). Here's a CBS Sunday Morning feature on her:

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