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CDA: Treat Williams

Let me get something out of the way first. I will not be doing CDAs for Silvio Berlusconi, Ted Kaczynski, or Pat Robertson. I don't necessarily have to know the subject of a CDA, but if I do know them, then I have to LIKE them.

I was sad to see a bit on the news this morning about the death of Treat Williams at the too-young age of 71. He was a pretty big deal in the 80s and 90s. I was lucky to see him in *Follies* on Broadway in 2001. He didn't have much of a singing voice but he really gave his all in his performance. And for the record, the other three leads in that production (Blythe Danner, Judith Ivey, and Gregory Harrison) weren't much in the singing department either, so he was choosing his friends very wisely.

The NY Times singled out *Hair* and *Everwood* in his obit. I'm going to feature a performance that made a big impact on me at the time, *Smooth Talk.* I'd like to see that movie again to see if it focuses on the creepiness of the story, or if it fetishizes it, or both. This was a major moment for Laura Dern, too.

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1 Comment

Jun 13, 2023

OMG I never heard of this movie!!! VERY VERY SAD about Treat Williams, do you know what he’s been doing in recent years? He sure was a hunka hunka burnin love, right?

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