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CDA: Phyllis George

Sorry, folks, this one got stuck in my Drafts folder. Oops.

The adorable and wonderful Phyllis George! I first knew her as a former Miss America but fell in love with her when she became co-anchor of the CBS Morning News in 1985. That's the show my dad and I would watch every morning, and though we were sad to see Diane Sawyer leave, we both adored George.

Here's her talent segment from the 1971 pageant and her crowning moment. I used to watch this show every year, I thought it was marvelous. Now I think it's unsettling, degrading, and undignified!

And let's not forget she was a trailblazing female sportscaster. Here she is at a football game. It cracks me up how she says, "Remember he was hit in the eye with a snowball in Buffalo."

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