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CDA: Philbin and de Havilland

The Celebrity Death Alert is working overtime lately! First, Regis Philbin. He came up in my CDA for Hugh Downs a few weeks ago - - Downs held the record for the most time spent on television, until Philbin broke it. Here's Philbin on Letterman, the first show after 9/11:

And I'd had my eye on Olivia de Havilland for a while. She was 104! Such a great actor, and an essential advocate for actors' rights. We're hearing a lot about her signature role of Melanie in *Gone With the Wind,* and she was extraordinary in that movie, but my favorite O de H movie is *The Heiress.* She won the Oscar for that movie and it's one of the greatest films of the studio era. Run, don't walk, if you haven't seen it.

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