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CDA: Leslie Jordan & Jerry Lee Lewis

Actor and singer Leslie Jordan died last week at the age of 67. In a car crash. So adorable and hilarious. Here's a CBS Mornings tribute to him:

And don't be shocked but I'm not really a fan of *Will and Grace.* And I watched one episode of *Glee* and hated it. I did finally see *Beaches* so I don't need to turn in my Gay Card, and I've had Judy Garland's Carnegie Hall concert on CD since the 90s, so that's worth a little something, right? Anyway, here's a compilation of his funniest moments in his Emmy-winning role on *Will and Grace.*

My friend Dianna alerted me to the death of Jerry Lee Lewis. He was 87 and honestly, I didn't just think he was older than that, I thought he was already dead. Here he is singing "Great Balls of Fire" on Dick Clark's *Saturday Night Beechnut Show.* I love how he throws that hair around.

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