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CDA: Kirstie Alley and Angelo Badalamenti

Kirstie Alley died the other day at the too-young age of 71. Of course she's best known for *Cheers* but I was always a Shelley Long guy - - so I'm going to share a scene from *Deconstructing Harry,* a 1997 comedy by Woody Allen. This is the best scene in the movie and it's all due to her.

Oh and one more! Her notorious Emmy acceptance speech, 1991. Parker Freaking Stevenson, can you believe it.

My brother Howard just alerted me to the death of Angelo Badalamenti, who died at the age of 85. He's best known for writing music for projects directed by David Lynch, like the TV series *Twin Peaks.*

My favorite story that features Badalamenti is one from 1991. He has a mere cameo in this story but it's such a wonderful story I have to share it. My two brothers were living together in Minneapolis at the time. The three of us were on the phone - - three guys, two addresses. The two of them had just been to see the movie *The Comfort of Strangers* and I asked them to tell me how they liked it.

HOWARD: It's a very stylized movie. The cinematography is amazing, the clothes are very sharp, Angelo Badalamenti did the score, it's visually opulent... It's hard to describe.


ME: Patrick, how would you describe it?


PATRICK: The whole movie looked like a cologne ad.

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