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CDA: Kent and Quant

My brother Howard alerted me to the death of stuntman Gary Kent, who died at the end of May at the age of 89. Here's a bit from the Hollywood Reporter:

"Gary Kent, the iconic B-movie stunt performer, actor and director who worked with Peter Bogdanovich, Richard Rush and Monte Hellman and served as an inspiration for Brad Pitt’s character in Quentin Tarantino’s *Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,* has died. Kent suffered two of his most painful injuries as a stunt performer in Rush films. He sliced up his arm on broken glass during a barfight fracas in *Hells Angels on Wheels* (1967) and was run over by an out-of-control motorcycle in *The Savage Seven* (1968), where he shared scenes with Penny Marshall."

Here he is in a 2018 interview promoting a documentary about him, *Love and Other Stunts.*

And how could I have missed the death of Mary Quant? "The Mother of the Miniskirt" died in the middle of April at the age of 93. She's a major figure in 20th century fashion history. Here's a video overview of a show at the Victoria and Albert Museum in Dundee:

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