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CDA: Cardin, Luker, Stuart, Wells

FOUR CDAs! Oh Lord, too many.


Here's a quote from Pierre Cardin's NY Times obit: “I’m always inspired by something outside, not by the body itself. Clothing is meant to give the body its shape, the way a glass gives shape to the water poured into it.” He was 98 (no cause of death announced just yet). Here's the preview for *House of Cardin,* a frockumentary I need to see <<tout de suite!>>


She was a sweet and lovely Broadway soprano. Her Broadway debut was as one of the understudies to Christine in the original cast of *The Phantom of the Opera.* I saw her as the mother in *Mary Poppins* and was charmed by her, she had such a gorgeous voice. She died of ALS at the much too young age of 59. Here she is singing "My White Knight" in *The Music Man.* The video is lousy but the singing is divine.


He was half of Chad and Jeremy, a gentle duo from the British Invasion. Stuart died of pneumonia at the age of 79. Here they are singing "A Summer Song" on American Bandstand (Dick Clark, was he the cutest?):


Poor thing, she died of COVID at the age of 82. Of course she was immortalized for her role as Mary Ann on *Gilligan's Island,* but to me she'll always be half of my very first Diva / Mensch duo! She and Tina Louise have been on the upper left corner of my homepage since I launched my site because I see them as the perfect example of the Diva / Mensch duality. Here's a Me TV montage of Mary Ann's Top 10 Looks. I love that Ginger and Mary Ann were friends and not rivals.

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