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CDA: Brimley, Fabric, Fleisher, Lopez

I'm behind on my Celebirty Death Alerts, please excuse me. A couple weeks ago I had four ladies - - this time I have four gentlemen. I'll put them in alpha order.

Wilford Brimley had an impressive career in movies and television, but I know him best as the Quaker Oats pitchman! Love your hat!

God bless the NY Times. I spotted an obit for a songwriter with the bizarre name Bent Fabric. I'd never heard of him but definiltey knew his best-known song, "Alley Cat." I know it from this fabulous recording by Peggy Lee, but Richard told me years ago that it was de regieur at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs when he was growing up, "the Macarena of its time."

From the ridiculous to the sublime - - Leon Fleisher, what an extraordinary artist and what a compelling story. Here's a touching tribute by Yo-Yo Ma from Fleisher's Kennedy Center Honor in 2007:

And last but not least, Trini Lopez! When I think of "If I Had a Hammer," I think of Peter, Paul and Mary, but their recording got as high as #10 on the charts, while Lopez hit #3. He died of COVID-19.

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