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CDA: Carol Lynley and Chris March

A double header! Carol Lynley was a Hollywood Blonde, at her peak in the early 60s, was pitted against Sandra Dee and Tuesday Weld - - they all fizzled, that young, pretty blonde thing doesn't age well in the business. Anyway, I've always liked her a lot. She was marvelous in her little hot pants lip-synching "The Morning After" in *The Poseidon Adventure,* and she was very good in *Bunny Lake Is Missing,* a creepy little Otto Preminger movie co-starring Keir Dullea and Sir Noel Coward. But my favorite Carol Lynley movie is a truly awful movie called *The Pleasure Seekers,* with Ann-Margaret and Pamela Tifflin. Here's a scene from that movie:

My old roommate Greg Beaver walked through the living room one night when I was watching this movie. He watched it for a minute, mouth agape, and said:

GREG: How on earth can you watch this crap?

ME: Hey Greg, you know why one girl is a blonde, one is a brunette, and the third is a redhead?

GREG: No, why.

ME: So you can tell them apart!

And Chris March, darling Chris March, break-out star of season 4 of Project Runway. He was only 56. Here's a darling little montage from the reunion show in that season:

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