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CDW: Luke Perry

So sad to get the CDW phone call from Richard with the news that Luke Perry had died. This was the first Celebrity Death Watch that was actually a WATCH: where I was really on the lookout to see if/when he would die. Very sad, 52 is much too young (and getting younger every day).

I have to confess that I was never into *90210* and was dismissive of both Jason Priestley and Luke Perry. Priestley got some cred in the 90s for doing some remarkable indie movies (*Love and Death on Long Island* and *Die, Mommie, Die!*) and Perry was in *The Fifth Element,* but neither of their careers really took off the way they might have liked. I see that Perry was on *Riverdale,* another show I haven't watched.

Here are opening credits to the first season of *Beverly Hills 90210.* They're all so young and dewy!

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