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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS season 7, ep 3

The designers were brought to an airport in deepest, darkest Long Island. They were put on a Southwest airplane, where they were tasked with using old leather seat fabric and other flight-related detritus to make an outfit and accessory. There was some kind of charity-related business in there, I didn’t bother to write it down. They went to baggage claim, where they rummaged through a lot of craptastic junk.

Confusion, drama, and false bravado in the workroom. As usual.

Guest judges: journalist Tamron Hall and model Martha Hunt.


Michelle: Georgina said it feels like a real dress. Irina: Georgina, “I love the snappy proportions.” Isaac: “I’m sorry, I don’t like this dress. I ADORE this dress!” Jasper: loved it. Isaac thought it looked like a bimbo (in a good way), but Kamron said it looked like Michelle Obama!


Seth Aaron: Georgina, “I want to like this more than I do.” Karmron said it looked like a “reluctant dominatrix.” Sean and Juli: mixed reviews from the judges. They thought Sean’s was witty but missed the mark, and Juli played it too safe and the dress was ill-fitting.

The winner was Irina. The loser was Seth Aaron. He’s very talented but he really tanked this week.

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