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Fabulous Friday - - "A Slow Hot Wind"

Let's continue with our Mancini theme, shall we? Today's song is "A Slow Hot Wind," a song I first heard sung by Johnny Hartman. That phrase "A Slow Hot Wind," became the title of a Hartman compilation I put together about 15 years ago, because it's a perfect description of his voice.

And it was recorded by the divine Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66:

The Black Eyed Peas released a Mendes tribute album called *Timeless* in 2006. This song was remade as "That Heat," with and Erykah Badu. My apologies for the female objectification in this video, but the song has a low down funky beat, and how great that they brought in Mendes himself to play the piano. One hair I'd like to split about the video: Badu sings on the recording and lipsynchs to herself in the video, which is of course just as it should be. But I DON'T like her lipsynching to the words "a slow hot wind," which are taken from the Mendes original, sung by Lani Hall! Hello people, let's talk ethics!

And I'll close with my favorite recording of this song, a Mancini instrumental called "Lujon." It was featured in a scene of *The Big Lebowski.* One of MANY divine moments in that movie. If you think the satiny strings are too divine for words at the start of this recording, brace yourself for the saxophone solo around 1:15.

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