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Fabulous Friday - - "Super Freak"

I saw *The Boys in the Band* the other night, and for months (months, I tell you) I've had Rick James's "Super Freak" in my head - - the first line of the second stanza is "She likes the boys in the band..." So every time I run into the title of the play or think about the play, it's that song in my head.

I don't think I'd ever seen this video! I love its classic early 80s production values, aka next to no money and lots of attitude. It's such a great song, it's a shame that it's been overshadowed by the grotesque private life of James. He was the real super freak.

And as an added bonus, how about the song that so successfully sampled "Super Freak" that it seemed to take over and become the primary source?

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