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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS 6, finale

The episode started with the designers being given assistants. Anthony got Candice, Stephen got Amanda, and Fabio got Helen. Three women assisting three men - - do you think that’s an accident? They had three days to make six looks.

Anne Fulenwider gave her usual good advice. She encouraged Fabio to be more Fabio. She told Stanley, “You don’t get points for just tasteful, classy, and wearable.” Which I’m stitching on a pillow, that is advice for the ages. Anne gasped when Anthony mentioned he was using ostrich feathers. Gasp, indeed - - feathers can go totally dragadelic.

They made another trip to Mood, to get fabric for the extra look. Anthony said, “There is nothing more beautiful than painted velvet.” Hm, that’s definitely a strong point of view. Amanda pointed out that Anthony had never made a collection before, and clearly didn’t understand the pacing. I was curious to see how that panned out, but not really worried (as I might have been in an earlier season). But I thought maybe they were setting him up to emerge triumphant. See how savvy I’ve gotten, after lo these many years.

Oh whoa, the entrance of those twenty-one tall, willowy models - - was it disturbing to you? I so loved the last season of PR, with the mixture of skinny models and plus-size models, I wish they would do that all the time. PR producers, take note!

OK, time for the finale show. LOVED Georgina’s gown, and Alyssa’s gown. Wasn’t so jazzed about Isaac’s brooches, but hey, I will defend to the death his right to wear them. The guest judges were Catherine Zeta Jones and Zac Posen. Because why not?


Elevated sportswear. Maybe a little too J Crew? You can’t discount how perfectly executed it all was (except for the hem on that white dress, which was still unfinished and ratty). He knows what he’s doing and knows how to do it. This is a guy who will get a JOB - - I could see him working at Calvin Klein, or J Crew, for that matter, rather than running his own label.


I wasn’t impressed with Fabio’s collection in the workroom, it looked a little too nautical for my taste - - but it didn't come across like that on the runway. Wow, that first look was greatly improved by doing away with the bird print. His collection was more unusual than Stanley’s, but it was still well made and somewhat wearable. I didn’t like the final look, it made me think of a badly fitted dashiki.


That first dress looked a little bulky in the waistline. The first two outfits had a little too much Morticia Addams in the walk, if you ask me. And I believe you did! Oo, that black and white dress was fantastic, very unexpected, very red carpet for VH1. And of course the final gown was stunning.

And the winner is: Anthony! I was surprised they chose him, I thought they'd choose either of the other two. Ah well, what do I know.

My friend Laura pointed out how this season had a different spirit than any previous Project Runway season -- more collaboration, more community. more support and appreciation for the other designers. There was still some trash being talked, that will always be there. But the final three all said that they felt they were stronger because of the others. Each of them wanted to win, but they felt that the others were deserving and talented. That's beautiful.

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