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Celebrity Death Watch: Jan Maxwell and Vic Damone

Jan Maxwell might not be a name that you know, but she was an extraordinary actor. Richard and I saw her in *The Royal Family,* *Lend Me a Tenor,* and *Follies* on Broadway, she was unforgettable in each of those roles.

Here she is singing "Could I Leave You?" in *Follies.* The video quality is a little hit-or-miss, but her performance is a knockout (also, the woman looked great in a halter gown). She perfectly captured the brittle barrenness of Phyllis. Her Ben in this clip is Ron Raines.

And an even more special clip, of her talking about *The Royal Family.* The woman who played her mother in the 2009 production had played the younger woman's role in the 1975 production, with Eva Le Gallienne as the mother.

And Vic Damone! What a voice. Here's a video of him singing "September Song" in 1999.

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