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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS 6 ep 5

This week they went full tilt boogie with the product placement. They were given items in the Rodial’s Hero makeup collection and had to link that with a superhero superpower. Sort of a combo platter. Stanley was given “smokey.” I Googled that, and as I had expected, that spelling only applies when you’re talking about Smokey the Bear. Whose superpower is being able to talk. Last I heard he wasn’t so into pink chiffon, but hey, it’s a new era. Rock your look, Miss Smokey! I was tickled that Josh was given the adjective “concealer.” Like he could conceal anything. Case in point: Merline was being especially loud with her exterior monologue in the sewing room and Josh looked right at the camera with this face.

It’s very rare that a designer looks right at the camera. This was one of my favorite PR moments ever. Anne’s visit to the workroom was one part encouraging, one part HARSH. Maybe 0.7 encouraging, 1.3 harsh. But Helen was maybe the harshest of all, describing Kimberly's look as "My Little Pony." TOP Anthony totally delivered the drama. What a glorious dress. Isaac was amazed by the impeccable construction of the back. I would have given him the win. Here’s Ken’s description of his outfit, and Georgina’s retort: Ken: My superhero believes that the beauty of the beholder comes from the person within, so at one glimpse of her she penetrates the soul to where the flesh completely disappears and your inner beauty shines through. Georgina; I don’t know what you’re saying, but anyway, I love your outfit. HA! That outfit was original, and I guess unexpected from him (I honestly don’t know his style well enough to know what to expect). But there were a few issues here and there, so... Fabio was the winner. Alyssa said, “Nobody does proportion like you.” I guess that whole grandma critique from Anne didn’t carry over to the judges. Maybe it was the “Grandma on crack” shoes that saved the outfit (thank you, Fabio, for that hilarious quote). BOTTOM Edmond: some of the judges were bored with the dress, some were bored with the cape. Overall they were bored. Merline - - wonky construction, and enough with the boxy shoulder already. The judges said that she’s done this kind of dress before, they’ve told her it’s not good, and she did it again. Amanda: too busy, too much going on. Isaac asked her to pull in the waist two inches which completely changed the look in the best way. Why wouldn’t she do that herself? I was surprised that they sent Amanda home rather than Merline. I can see a good idea in Amanda’s dress, it just wasn’t well executed. And on a very basic level, if you had to wear one of those two dresses, which one would you wear? Clearly you’d wear Amanda’s. 

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