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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS 6, eps 1 to 3


Full disclosure - - I noticed a few weeks ago that PR AS 6 was coming up and made a mental note about it. Then New Year's happened, and I took a little vacation to Atlanta, and I forgot all about it! By the time I remembered it was the THIRD EPISODE. This is clear proof that I've got an advanced case of PRFS (Project Runway Fatigue Syndrome). But thanks to the mylifetime website and the magic of my DVR, I was able to watch all three episodes, and here I am.

I was instantly tickled by the first remark we heard: Amanda said that she felt that getting on All Stars was proof that she had made it. Um, honey, it's actually the opposite - - it's proof that you have no career in fashion and you have nothing better to do! I'm just sayin'. The relay race idea was really fun and cute. I felt bad that Edmond screwed up so bad, forgetting that he had the belt around his neck. What a doofus.

A few random remarks about designers: Kelly from the Deli! Love that girl. Anthony cracked me up with his "working apron." Amanda is a sweetheart. I always liked Stanley, I'm happy to see him back. And Kimberly, I have no memory of her. She looks a little familiar, but that's it.

The workroom looks really cool, right? And could this show please become more sustainable? They should have fabric bags from Mood that they reuse every week, and they should have plates and cutlery that gets washed and reused instead of thrown out. It was great to see makeup hunk Scott Patric again. I got a smile from him at the Good Stuff Diner a few years ago, I might be holding onto that moment a little too tightly.

Clearly this show was filmed months ago - - Alyssa Milano was the originator of the #MeToo hashtag and Georgina Chapman is the estranged wife of Harvey Weinstein. He was the producer of this show back in the day. Something tells me they will not be back for season 7, I think they might want to distance themselves from the whole Weinstein situation. Hm, we'll see.

The designers were split into two teams: the rookies (designers who had not appeared on All Stars) and vets (designers who had done a previous All Stars season). They had to built a cutting edge cohesive collection. The rookies won the relay race so they had the choice between fall or spring (they chose fall) and an extra $500 at Mood.

The rookies were the winning team. Char, Merline, and Edmond got the top scores. I thought Edmond's dress was wonky - - Anthony hit the nail on the head when he said the "zipper looks like scoliosis." And the shoulder pads were too much. But the idea was good.

Char's dress was my favorite, it was cool and sharp and would sell. But the judges gave the win to Merline. They thought the construction was off, but the idea was very strong. I'd rather give the win to something that was well made, but that's me.

Before I go on I should mention that Ari got an honorable mention for the strongest look in the losing team. I would have given that prize to Heidi - - I thought that two-piece dress was gorgeous.

The lowest scores went to Helen, Ken, and Casanova. Helen and Ken used the same fabric, so clearly the judges did not like that fabric, and I quite agree! They decided early on that Helen's wasn't so bad, and I was surprised that she was in the bottom. I would have put Fabio in the bottom, I thought that dress was weird, and the fringe was merely decorative. I thought Ken's look was a perfect executive of the "make an outfit for a hooker on *Star Trek: The Next Generation.* But that wasn't the challenge!

Casanova went home. Isaac thought the top was well made but I thought it was bulky and blah. And the pants, I really didn't like the way they bunched up in the her hoo ha when she walked down the runway. I was sure the judges would bring that up. What do I know.

They had a McDonald's commercial that gave a shout-out to the Super Bowl. Clearly I'm not to be trusted with remembering TV dates, so I'm looking that up on Google right now and putting it on my calendar (Richard and I like to watch the commercials, and the halftime show).

* * *


A post apocalyptic runway! Can you even stand it. They have to burn, sand, tear, or somehow distress their garment. And come up with a story for how their girl ended up in this sitchy ayshun.

I'm kinda into Anne Fulenwider, I'm pleasantly surprised by her, she does a good job and seems at ease in front of the camera. What we saw in the workroom looked promising. And I suppose I should give a quick shout-out to the Intermix Accessory Wall.

I love that they ended the runway show with all of the models coming out, that was a nice touch.


Ari, so fantastic! Lots of work, and well done. Merline: sort of an LBD for the apocalypse. The win went to Anthony. I said, "Oh yes" when that came out on the runway. Such a beautiful look.


Char: how was she on the bottom, she made pants with a train! Fashion history, people. Stanley's dress was pretty, but a little flat.

The auf went to Kelly: "Actually, she started the apocalypse." The judges felt that she put too much focus on the accessories. I'm going to miss Kelly From the Deli.

* * *


Oh my Lord, dinner at Daniel. Maybe it's the lighting, but that restaurant looks kinda cheap. The designers are paired up and will be served an entree with a carefully chosen complementary wine. They need to design two looks, one inspired by the food, the other by the wine. The winning team will get a full evening at Daniel as part of their prize. The losing team will BOTH be sent home - - and they'll be sent to Papaya Dog on 6th Avenue for dinner! Just kidding about Papaya Dog.

I have one note from the workroom: Fabio was wearing a black shirt with a white lace collar. Totes Little Lord Fauntleroy. Bitch, please.

Whoopi Goldberg! Let's hear it for the EGOT!


Anthony and Kimberly: so lovely, both. Anthony's dress was a stand-out. The judges weren't wild for Kimberly's pantsuit - - Georgina thought the color was heavy and Isaac thought the proportions were off. But Whoopi loved it, wanted to wear it!

Ken and Fabio were the winners. Both very crisp and sharp. Though is it just me, or did Fabio's outfit look like something Lucy Ricardo would wear?


Candice and Merline: Candice's was better but they were both pretty bad.

Melissa and Ari were sent home. Melissa's dress was ordinary. For Ari, I like Isaac's suggestion that the front should have been plain solid fabric with the see-through reveal only in the back. That would have been so much better.

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