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Ryan on the Runway: PR 16, ep 11

Another not so jazzy episode. We're getting so close to the finish, you'd think I'd care more. Am I suffering from a recurrence of PRFS (Project Runway Fatigue Syndrome)?

Their challenge is to do a high fashion editorial look with the theme "Warrior Women," inspired by breast cancer survivors. They have two days for the challenge.

Kenya started off feeling very lost, not sure what she was doing, where she was going. Unmoored. I was concerned about her. Brendan started off feeling cocky and more or less continued in that vein. Kentaro gave us a sort of BDSM experience trying to get his model's head through the turtleneck. That might turn into a GIF in certain circles, but I found it disturbing. Though I was tickled that Kentaro said, when he discarded that look, that he needed to make something "quicker than Cup of Noodles."

Forget all of the designers, my favorite person this season (apart from the always amazing Tim Gunn) is Liris! I LOVE her! She said this, looking into the Model Mirror: "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's about to SLAY them all?"


The judges liked Ayana's look, and I admired the construction, but it felt like the wrong fabric choice for the blouse. The powder blue didn't convey "power" to me, it was too delicate, too well-mannered.

Kenya should have had the win! That dress was a knockout, made Liris look like a dream, and communicated power without being cute or gimmicky about it. I was sure that she had her first win in the bag and was shocked and disappointed when...

Brendan had the win? Really? For what he accurately described as "Gangster Bo Peep?" Richard and I were both sure that he was headed for the chopping block, and then he WON! I could kind of see some of the things the judges liked about it, but on the whole it just looked weird. The judges were split over the stupid bonnet, and they were unanimous in their admiration of both Kenya's and Ayana's work, so I don't know why they chose him. Maybe they're building him up for a fall. I have no idea.


Kentaro's look was shapeless and blah. The judges asked about the similarities between his look and Brendan's, but we didn't hear either of them respond to that.

I KNEW that Tim was going to use his Tim Gunn Save on Margarita, and wish he had been more precise about why. HE had told her that the gold bustier was great, and that was one of the primary elements that sent her to the chopping block. So he felt responsible for her auf.

Now I wonder if they'll axe two people next week, like they used to, approaching the final three. If they cop out with a final four again, I will barf.

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