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Ryan on the Runway: PR 16, ep 6

Brunch for the models - - what a cute idea! In this challenge, the models are also the clients, and the models choose the designers they want to work with. The end product has to be juicy enough to have some presence on social media.

Kenya had a very fruitful collaboration with her model, aka The Chrysler Building. That model is to tall and lean, it was startling. Especially standing next to Kenya. Margarita referred to a floral print as a "botanical." I don't know how I feel about that. Yes, I do know how I feel about that. I don't like it.

Shawn was clearly going a little nutty having to help Claire all the time. My favorite quote from the workroom:

Claire: I need your help, too!

Shawn: Can't hear you!

Georgina Chapman was a guest judge, always a treat seeing her. I almost didn't recognize her, so blonde and gaunt she was. And the other guest judge, Kelsea Ballerini - - who the hell is she?


Shawn's look was pretty groovy. She's got some promise, much more than her sister. I like what Nina said: "Feminine and pretty always sells." I wasn't wild for Kenya's look - - dark green is my favorite color, but it looked a little flat in that outfit. I wasn't bothered by the Cruella de Vil print on the blouse, but I can see that as an issue.

Kentaro deserved the win, that outfit was cool and unique and looked great in the photos. Plus he clearly had a positive collaboration with his model and client.


I would have put Amy in the top over Kenya, I thought her outfit was much more successful.


Claire's outfit was dull, dull, dull. I thought Margarita would be sent home, I thought her outfit was a much bigger loser than Samantha's. Plus I didn't like how Margarita threw her model/client under the bus - - Margarita seemed pretty jazzed up about the pants in the workroom, but then she changed her tune on the runway when she realized she was on the bottom, and she trotted out all this crap about the model/client steering her in the wrong direction. I hope that comes back to bite her in the ass.

Samantha was sent home. I can see the judges' point about her being stuck in a rut, and Nina was dead on when she said that once again, the dress that Samantha was wearing was 100% cooler than the dress she was showing on the model. My guess is that she spent much more time on her own clothes, they weren't created in the pressure cooker that is Project Runway. Still, I liked Samantha and am sad to see her go.

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