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Ryan on the Runway: PR 16, ep 5

Richard and I were both disappointed that they didn't have more of a feature on Lyndhurst Castle. What's the point in going all the way to Tarrytown if you're not really going to show the place? They spent too much time with those Disney chicks, who seemed super phony..

The challenge was to make an evening look that communicates either Good or Evil. Michael, as the winner of the previous episode, got to choose which one he wanted to do, and assigned either Good or Evil to each of the designers. I was impressed at how well he did that.

Michael Kors said, early in Project Runway, that the challenge is won or lost at Mood, and that was certainly the case with this episode. Wasn't it nice to see Swatch being so active? I don't think we'd ever seen him run up the stairs before. Usually he's taking a nap and/or giving the side-eye to the camera.

I love the bromance between Brandon and Kentaro, they're cute.

There were so many great quotes this week, my column is going to be littered with them.


Kenya: so fantastic, I would have given the win to her. Nina hit the nail on the head when she said it was balanced. Loved the whole look, it was ambitious and flawlessly executed. Richard said, "What a brilliant idea, the hems are finished! That's what I call innovation."

Michael: wow, did she look glorious. I didn't quite follow what he and the judges were saying about the construction, how there were no side seams, only darts, but clearly it led to a stunning garment.

Brandon: interesting that they chose him to the be winner. That outfit was unexpected and completely unlike anything I had seen before. And how nice that the other designers (or was it just the twins?) were throwing him shade and saying it was bad. Neener neener neener.


Claire: what a snooze. The problem was she didn't have time to make a finished garment, she'd already gone through four ideas before she landed on what she ended up with. Zac called it "Cinderella on her day off" or "a princess who had her credit card taken away from her."

Samantha: not good, way too hippy dippy, and it was the choice of fabric that steered her to the bottom. God bless Nina for pointing out that the dress that Samantha HERSELF was wearing was so much better! That dress was fantastic! She needs to get her groove back.

Aaron was sent home, and I have so much to say about Aaron, most of it said by other people. Let's start with what he said himself: he started the episode by saying, "I'm gonna go a little more crazy this week." Well ya DID! Richard said this: "It's like he's in Fashion 101, Introduction to Buying Fabric. What is he doing there?" Nina said something similar, she said, "This is Project Runway, not Project Kindergarten." That musta smarted.

Heidi described the seams on his outfit as being "bumpitty bumpitty bump," which cracked me up. Zac said, "I still don't know what he's about." I said to Richard, "He's about to go home!"

Nina hit the home run: "This was supposed to be for the Good, but I thought it was for the Evil, and she was like engulfed in flames or something."

Let's give the final word to Aaron (and me):

AARON: At the end of the day, I have cool ideas, and you didn't get to see half of them.

ME: Thank Gawd!

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