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Another marathon (I can't believe it)

How does this happen, when will I learn. A few weeks ago I was expressing wonder over the fact that I was about to break my previous record for attending cultural events. I promised myself, back in 2009, that I would never break that record - - then I broke it a couple weeks ago, and renewed that promise. And now, to my complete bewilderment and astonishment, I am about to break it AGAIN.

Here are the stats (thanks to my friend Laura Huizenga for the math):

2009: 8 events in 10 days = 80%

April 2017: 6 events in 7 days = 85.7%

May 2017: 7 events in 8 days = 87.5%

Here's what's on the books:

Fri 5/5: *Indecent* (play on Broadway)

Sat 5/6: *The Emperor Jones* (play off Broadway)

Sun 5/7: 50th anniversary gala at Met Opera

Mon 5/8: *Hedda Gabler* (screening of play from London)

Tues 5/9: *Six Degrees of Separation* (play on Broadway)

Weds 5/10: nothing, staying home

Thurs 5/11: *Breakfast at Tiffany's* (screening of the movie with the score played live by the NY Philharmonic)

Fri 5/12: *The Golden Apple* (musical at City Center)

I'll be writing reviews of each, and will be loading up on vitamin C between shows...

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