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Welcome to!

I am all a-twitter over my new website! I've been developing it for a year and a half and could not be more thrilled. May I offer a few suggestions:


Check out my review archives - - the reviews are organized by genre (opera, theatre, dance, etc), then by title. You might also enjoy looking through my travel writings and my Project Runway columns. All future posts will be placed first here, on the home page, and also in the archives.


Every Wednesday I will feature a Diva / Mensch pairing. We all need a little boost on Wednesday, don't we? You can read more about the Diva / Mensch duality on the "About Divamensch" tab on the right. My first featured pairing is what I see as the perfect example: Ginger (Diva) and Mary Ann (Mensch).

Once a month, on the first Wednesday, the featured pairing will be a suggestion from one of you, my devoted readers. The winner will receive a special Divamensch CD, programmed by yours truly. The winner will be chosen by an international panel of judges.


I'm about to join Facebook and Twitter and the other things the kids today are into. Will keep you posted on that.


Please be an active participant, post a comment! And/or be a subscriber - - sign up on the homepage to get notified whenever I post something.

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