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Montreal - - Trip There, Weds 3/25/15

Richard and I went to Montreal from Weds 3/25 thru Sun 3/29.  A quick trip out of town, and it hit the spot.  I had never been there before, Richard had been there a few times, and everyone we know who had been there raved about it, so why the hell not?


The funniest thing about our trip there: the flight itself was less than an hour.  We spent longer in the car going to JFK than we spent in the air.  Welcome to NYC.



Locale: Uptown Brasserie, a cute place in the airport.


Meal: hummus and tortilla chips, Richard had a grilled chicken sandwich, I had a BBQ beef burger with cheese and fried onions.  Delicious, and very nice service.


Topics of conversation: Richard's conversation with his Aunt Nancy in San Diego.  Lots of news about her and her brood.














We had the darlingest flight attendant, a sweet young guy named Cory.  We could tell that he was thrilled that someone was not just talking to him, but being nice to him.  Bless his heart.


We arrived at the airport and walked for like fifteen minutes to get to Immigration.  It was about 10 PM, and there appeared to be no one else (besides the people on our flight) in the whole joint.  It was sort of Twilight Zone-ish.  But then we arrived at Immigration and there were hundreds of people there waiting in line!  Ha, surprise!  We waited in line for over an hour - - again, longer than the flight itself.  We got chummy with the guy standing ahead of us in line, an Australian guy who lives in Montreal.  His name is Peter, he's a sociologist studying health care workers, with a focus of ER workers.  He asked if we were coworkers, how cute is that?  Our reply at first sounded like, "Obb, obb, obb...", but we finally got out that we were married.  Which got a big grin out of him, the dear.  Finally we finished in Immigration, got in a cab, and checked into our dreamy hotel in Old Montreal, the Hotel Gault.  Cute room.  In bed at 11, and I was out like a light.

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